Thank God it’s Not 2017 Anymore (aka #fu2017)

Listen – I know I promised I was going to start back up again. I also realize that was more than a year ago. I can’t even imagine how you have all been getting by without my posts (that’s sarcasm – I’m a little rusty, so bear with me).

Here’s the deal.

2017? Sucked. For so, so many reasons. I’m not even going to get into it – if you know me, you’ve lived through the past crappy 365 days, too.

But the good news is that on this cloudy first day of 2018 we start fresh and can turn over a new leaf. I’m writing this sitting in front a cozy fire, looking out over a beautiful bay in Florida (and it’s -11 degrees at home in Indiana). My family is healthy and relatively happy for the most part (ahem – I’m looking at you, Paige).

It would be absolutely perfect if my older brother hadn’t just sat down next to me and started making weird mouth noises. No – scratch that – a few of our kids just came back downstairs. So, it’s back to just above average-ish.

Here are my “resolutions” for the new year:

  1. Floss more (this one has been on the list for the past decade – I should probably buy some floss at some point)
  2. Workout at LEAST three days a week (this HAS to happen – I seriously look like the girl that ate Bis Feldmann. Let’s hope by this time next year I have lots of fat people clothes to give to Goodwill)
  3. Yell less (that’s not gonna happen, but don’t you think I’m a good parent for trying to better myself?)
  4. Pet more dogs (duh)

I also hope to write more of these posts – each year (except this past one, obvs). I print up a hard copy book of all the posts I write. Paige has started reading them (with STRICT instructions not to repeat any of the swear words she reads, or to take anything personally that I say about her. Remember, Paige – you make good blog fodder. I love you very, very much. Ish. I kid, I kid!!!)

Happy 2018, everyone.



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