Feldmann Family Returns

Oh-mah-gersh, guys. I can’t believe it’s been a couple of days since I’ve posted!

Um, yikes. Scratch that. It’s been TWO. EFFING. YEARS. I can’t even imagine how you’ve been getting along. How are you coping? How are you even making it though the day(s)??? I say ENOUGH already! I’m back – so, get your big girl/boy panties on and get ready for the onslaught that is me complaining-yet-unconditionally-loving-my-TERRIBLY-behaved-children.

We’re back, y’all. And boy do I have stories for you. Blair started Kindergarten. Paige is in second grade.

Blair told me to “pull yourself together” the other day.

Paige asked me “how would anyone grab someone by the pussy?”

It’s been a rough, and busy, two years. And I feel like it’s my duty to report on the shit-show that is my life so you can feel better about yours.

You’re welcome. And, you’ll be hearing from me soon.


4 thoughts on “Feldmann Family Returns

  1. I thought that you had given it up, Sweet Bis!!…but, I’m SO happy that you didn’t – because you make everyone who HAS a Mom, IS a Mom, or, EVER had doubts about how they ‘Mothered’ feel SOooo much better about their lives!!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!😍🙋🏻😘

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