Conflict Resolution

Sooooo – Blair had her second “semester” parent/teacher conference last week. Overall, she is right on track and her teachers DEFINITELY love the heck out of her. Here are a few of their comments:

  • Blair is such a sweet little girl.
  • We enjoy her daily hugs and giggles.
  • She is able to express her feelings (roger that).
  • Blair loves to dress up every day!
  • She has been a delight to have in our classroom!

Awwwweee, sweet Blair. Got them fooled, eh?

Or, maybe not so much. Because then there’s this:

  • She is still learning how to settle conflict with her girlfriends.

Whaaaa … um, huh?

Yep, ladies and gentlemen – our little 3-year-old darling is having girl drama. With her 3-year-old girlfriends.

Now, her teachers and I had a good laugh about it, mostly because we were shocked that girls this age have issues already. Apparently there is a “triangle” of girls who tend to pair up and leave another one out. And it switches from minute to minute. So, basically there’s three little girls arguing about who gets to wear the dress and who gets to be the daddy. Or, who gets to be the boss in the sandbox. Or, gets to sit on the teacher’s lap.

Math skills – check

Writing skills – check

Speaking/Listening skills – check

Little a-hole skills – check

Promise me you’ll keep letting your kids come over to play. Blair CLEARLY needs to learn how to play nicely with others. Either that, or she’s well on her way to a one-way ticket to military school.

Lord help us.

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