Trouble at Home

Listen – I think we all know by now that the Feldmann girls’ sleeping habits leave MUCH to be desired. Need reminding? Check in here. And here. And also here.

Don’t worry. I’ll wait.


Okay, now that you’ve reminded yourself and probably rendered your brain sleep-deprived by association, I shall fill you in on our past few weeks. Blair had her tonsils out almost 2 weeks ago. While it wasn’t the best 2 weeks of our lives, it was certainly a whole heck of a lot better than I expected. Let’s face it: Paige set that bar pretty low.

But, aside from spending most nights in our bed and spreading the “post-tonsillectomy dragon breath” love, Blair really was quite the rock star. She was eating solid food on day 2 (granted, she did the typical “day 5 backslide,” but was still eating ice cream, yogurt and popsicles). She snubbed her nose at any and all pain medication from day 5 on (yes, there was one incident of us holding her down to give her Norco so she would finally sleep. Derrick and I both decided we actually ended up breaking her spirit. She has proven us right by bringing up said incident multiple times a day since it happened.).

Anyhoo – Blair’s 13+ days of not sleeping well have made me a little, how you say … less patient with the behavioral shenanigans of late.

In response, Paige has ramped up her fit-throwing and whining, and both girls seem to have decided that their go-to method of playing together is really just torturing, name-calling and fighting. It’s been awesome. Let’s just say the time-out chair has yet to get cold, even as local temperatures dip below freezing. Catch my drift?

And I’ll admit it: I’m a yeller. I’m not proud of it, but sometimes it really is the only thing that gets the job done. I’m also a little convinced that moms who say they don’t yell are either a) bit, fat liars or b) residents in a state where marajuana is now legal. As I am neither of those things, I become a huge grouch when my “mommy patience threshold” is surpassed, and I get angry. I yell. I say things like “This is ridiculous!!!! Why are you throwing a fit like a baby?!?! Are we going to have to pull you from Kindergarten and put you back into preschool?!?!”

I don’t need you to tell me is neither nice nor mature, but the threat seems to stop the situation for long enough for me to pour a glass of wine and turn on the television for them calmly explain to the girls why their behavior was inappropriate and how we can all improve ourselves in the future.


Just kidding!!! Have we met? I toss their asses in timeout and threaten to remove all toys and technology from their possession if things don’t drastically improve STAT. And, you know what? It works for a while, and I’m a whole hell of a lot less frustrated than if I’d tried to spend 20 minutes rationalizing with a terrorist, only to have them immediately disobey me again.

I DO actually have a point here. 

So, I e-mailed Paige’s teacher earlier this week just to see if she had noticed anything specific about Paige’s behavior over the past few weeks. Here was my message:

Hi Sarah,

I just wanted to touch base about Paige’s behavior in class, and make sure you feel like it’s been okay lately. I ask because her behavior at home as been absolutely terrible – she is constantly throwing fits, yelling “not fair!,” being difficult to get along with (especially with her sister) and over all being pretty defiant. All of these behaviors rear their ugly heads occasionally, but lately it seems to be pretty regular.

I’d love any thoughts or input you might have!

Thanks, and good to see you today!


Here was her response:


That is very interesting. She did tell Gwen that “me and my mom aren’t getting along at home”! Paige seems to be just fine here…very helpful, kind and sweet. The only problem she has is talking when she isn’t supposed to or following me around asking questions instead of raising her hand. She seems to get tired after lunch and starts sucking her thumb, and she did fall asleep at rest time the other day. I would make sure that she is getting enough sleep at night…even if she has to go to bed at 7:30/8:00. That would be my first guess. I will keep an eye on her though and let you know if anything changes.


So, um … okay.

Basically, she’s being good at school, but seems sleepy in the afternoon (all good to know, but also fairly standard behavior for Miss P). However, she also didn’t hesitate to sell me up the river to the teacher’s assistant (Gwen)! I mean, we “aren’t getting along at home”?!?!? What, are we an old married couple?

Good lord, Paige.

I saw Miss DuBois at pickup yesterday and assured her that Paige does, in fact, still get plenty of hugs, praise, food and sleep at home. We actually had a good laugh, and she said she and Gwen enjoyed replaying the conversation several times throughout the day.

So, I guess my next step is for Paige and I to find a good marriage counselor to work through our differences and make home life better for everyone.

Or, perhaps just move up bedtime for both of us and see if that works.


2 thoughts on “Trouble at Home

  1. Your humor & honesty in motherhood continues to amaze me. Seriously, what is with the constant fighting lately?! Mommy time outs are my new BFF! “Everyone in their rooms until the timer in the hallway goes off!” Ooooops – I forgot to set the timer AGAIN, but at least I had control of the remote & no one was trying to steal my Reese’s heart.

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