Packing Up

Big things are happening for the Feldmanns during the next few weeks. Specifically, during the next 8 days. One week from tomorrow, we are moving. Yes, you read that right. Moving. And not just anywhere. To an … apartment.

We sold our house rather unexpectedly. It was listed on Zillow, and we really had only been halfheartedly been showing it to people (those of you who know us well know that we are the laziest home sellers. Ever. Like, we had it listed For Sale By Owner 2 years ago, and people would call to see our house. I had a newborn and I just couldn’t pull it together. So I said no. Huh…I wonder why it never sold.). Then we showed it to a couple, and they came back later that day with an earnest check and an offer.

And so now I’m packing. It’s pretty much all I do lately. Let’s focus on this part of the move for now (there will be lots of time to detail what our new digs are doing to our family…I mean, how our family is doing in our new digs.).

I’m sure many of you out there have a good idea what it’s like to try to pack up 8 years of life in a few short weeks. With a 2 year-old and a 5 year-old underfoot. Oh, what’s that, you say? You don’t know what it’s like?

Let me paint a picture.

Each box packed must IMMEDIATELY be tightly taped and moved out of the way. Why? Because if it’s not, it will quickly be unpacked, contents strewn back throughout the house and tape most likely stuck to either the dog’s bottom or the cat’s paws.

Next. Take a minute to remember what you use to write contents and moving instructions on the outside of boxes. Yep. Permanent markers. You know who loves to draw? My girls. You see where this is going. In addition to finding marker everywhere (again, poor Ramsey has fallen victim to this, too), I’m also pretty sure Blair has been high as a kite for the past few weeks. Every time I pop the lid off the marker, she seems to pop up from nowhere sniffing and saying, “What dat mell? Dat not yucky, mommy.” Yikes. This could be a problem.

Thank God I tend to purge junk toys pretty often, so a lot of that disaster was averted. However, it took me a few days to realize that kids’ rooms need to be packed while they are either at school or otherwise distracted. I know, Paige, you just LOVE that cheap toy we got from Chick-fil-A three months ago that I didn’t realize you had hidden in the bathroom cabinet. I’ll pack it riiiiight here (in this trash bag…where I’m putting all your other special things you just can’t live without, since 5 minutes ago).

I also just about lost it when I found not one, but TWO backpacks. Mamas, you know where I’m going with this. Backpacks, bags, anything into which random items can be placed are the bain of my existence as a mother. Anytime I pick up a bag that feels somewhat full, I have to brace myself. Who knows what the heck I will find in there. This problem is intensified now that I’m trying to pack up the house in an organized fashion.

Exhibit A: Ladybug backpack. Full to the BRIM. I slowly open the zipper and find a large amount of the play food we use in our play kitchen. Which was packed up tight yesterday. Like, full to the tippy top of the plastic tub I was using. Not a tiny bit of space left in there. So, little backpack? You just got tossed into a box now marked “MISC TOYS.” Good luck, future me, unpacking those boxes and trying to organize everything.

I called Sister-in-Law about this. She has hoarders too, and said “uh-oh” right when the words “I just found a backpack” came out of my mouth. We both then had a good laugh. Because honestly? What else can you do?

That is, until a few minutes later.

Exhibit B: Cinderella backpack. Not full to the brim, but pretty freaking full. Again with the zipper, and as I peek inside I find an interesting assortment of toys. Random puzzle pieces, an array of Little People, some dress up jewelry, one of my pony tail holders, a pair of safety scissors, a little empty Mr. Potatohead (void of any body or face pieces), and 2 Toy Story characters (Jessie and Bullseye, in case you were wondering).

I had to sit back and laugh, because I have to wonder what the HELL was going through Blair’s mind as she packed up her precious backpack (or, “pack pack”, as she calls it). In my head I picture her preparing for this move and trying to figure out what she’ll need immediately to get her through the first few hours. “Yept,” she thinks, “Dis will do it. Is all I need in dee partment.”

Also? In case you were wondering, I do know for a fact these bags belonged to Blair. I saw her rolling her Cinderella backpack around yesterday, and the “food in the backpack” has her written all over it. She’s a hoarder, of the bag variety. While Paige much prefers to stuff random objects into drawers and cabinets in her room.

So, I left the Cinderella backpack as is. She can have all those items if she needs them.

And, who am I kidding? It will just be a few more things I can throw away once we get to the “partment.”

More on that to come, I’m sure.

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