Over the past two months or so, Blair’s vocabulary and speech changes have astounded us. This fall, she basically confused everyone who met her and forcing them to smile sweetly, nod and say “Yes!” Including her Daddy. Poor, poor Derrick. He didn’t understand a single word she said.

Seeing as I spend every waking hour with her (almost literally), I actually caught about 98% of what she was saying. Basically, I was fluent in ‘Blair,’ so I was able to translate. However, she even stumped me a few times.

Then, all of a sudden, more and more people COULD understand what little Bear was telling them. And, these days, it seems like now it’s rare to NOT understand what she’s saying.

(We still have our moments. Yesterday, Paige asked Blair to come help her pick out socks. Blair said, “Jess a checkin, P!” Paige, confused, looked at me and asked, “Catch the chicken?” Um, I’m pretty sure “Just a second” is what she was going for, I believe. Otherwise, there’s a chicken on the loose.)

One of the funniest (and strangest) developments of this increase in speech is that Blair now refers to me as “lady” (pronounced, “leedy”).

As in, “Hey, lady!” when I walk into the room.

Or, “You need a checkup, lady?” when we are playing doctor.

Or, “Hellloooo, lady!!!!” when she’s pretending to call me on the telephone.

Or, “What you doing, lady?” when she peeks around the curtain while I’m in the shower.

You get the idea. I can’t explain it. I have no idea where the heck she would even have picked this up. But it makes me laugh. Out loud. Every. Single. Time.

To which she’s been known to reply, “Whas so funny, leedy?”

Oh, Bear. Silly little leedy.


One thought on “Lady

  1. Apparently, she has visited some foreign country lately….kind of watch for her beginning to refer to you as “Mrs. Elizabeth”!!!

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