The Happiest Place on Earth (most of the time)

We did it. We survived Disney World. In fact, not only did we survive it, we enjoyed it. And each other.

Last week, Derrick, the girls and I spent seven full days in Orlando with Susu. My brother and SIL, Rob and EJ, joined us about halfway through our trip, along with my three nieces and my nephew. All in all, we had 6 kids under 10 years-old (although, by Disney standards, the 10-year-old is an “adult.” Which she LOVED.). For the first 4 days it was just our little family and Susu. We frolicked in the pool at the resort, and one day we even ventured to Universal Studios*, where the girls basically had the run of the park.

*Sidebar – we actually thought we were going to Disney’s Hollywood Studios. And actually didn’t realize we were NOT at Hollywood Studios until we were well into the park. You know – when I may or may not have asked someone where the Toy Story ride was, and he told me “At Disney.” Oops. Oh well, a good time was had by all! Luckily my kids are too young to know the difference! Hahahaha!

Our first day with the entire crew was a miracle. Truly. An-honest-to-God miracle. We grown-ups commented multiple times that all the stars seemed to be aligned for some reason. All 6 kids lasted ALL day at the park – like, through-the-Electric-Parade-that-didn’t-start-until-8:00pm all day. Never again will this be achieved.

We have used up that ticket at Disney…

… as we quickly discovered the next day while at Animal Kingdom.

Derrick had to travel to New Jersey for the day, so we were one grown-up down. The kids smelled weakness, and Blair went in for the kill. After falling asleep in the stroller, she awoke to find she had peed through her diaper and shorts, had a hugely poopy diaper, she was hungry, and she was in a bad mood. Scratch that. She was PISSED. And, in true Blair fashion, she let everyone (like, in the world) know about it. It wasn’t pretty. We were waiting for Rob, EJ and their two oldest to get off a roller coaster. We were surrounded by about 200 people – it was shoulder-to-shoulder crowded. I somehow kept my calm, despite the fact that she kicked me in the fact three times, the chest too many times to count, and successfully covered my wedding rings and fingernails with poop (sorry to be gross – just painting the picture).  Luckily Paige, Addison and Nate were kept happy with an ice cream bribe.

No joke, people – she was screaming at her highest volume and decibel level for a good 15 minutes before Rob and EJ came back. During which time EJ promptly grabbed her from me and walked away (have I mentioned how much I love her?).

**Sidebar 2: Thanks, humongous lady on the riding scooter and her husband wearing overalls with no shirt underneath. Your expressions of concern in the form of saying how loud and obnoxious my child was were SUPER helpful. I had JUST been telling Susu that I hoped Blair woke up and covered me in poop, bruised my body and ego, all the while screaming and piercing the eardrums of everyone within a 3-mile radius. Jackasses.

Anyhoo – that brief incident aside, these kids were ridiculous. Like, probably what angels in Heaven must act like. (Okay, Nate had a tiny outburst after having breakfast with the Princesses, but honestly? What little boy wouldn’t. The poor kid had been showered with estrogen, wet kisses and girls trying to pick him up every second of every day since he arrived. And really? He just cried for a bit – but was still polite enough to bless his daddy when he sneezed. I heart my nephew.)

Enough of the chit-chat. Here are just a few of the 300+ pictures I took while we were there (I couldn’t add anymore – only because I’m super impatient and it already took me 40 minutes to get these uploaded).



Woohoo!!!! We are in FLORIDA!!!! With SUSU!!!


The girls, with Alice in Wonderland


Is Really IS A Small World!!!


Cousins. Seriously? So stinking cute.


Just some cool kiddos at a 3D movie starring Mickey and Donald


Yeah I did – best aunt ever bought all the kiddos these just in time for the Electrical Parade.


Just the beginning of this parade. If you ever have a chance to go? Do it. Amazing.


Sigh. Moments like these? Heart skips a beat.


Bear channeling her personal fave – Cindy. The diaper hanging out was her own addition.

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