Big Sister

Believe it or not, growing up in a household of all brothers never really left me feeling like I wanted to have an older or younger sister. I didn’t have any experience with sisters. I was just fine hanging out at my older brother’s sporting events, playing/arguing with my twin brother, or dressing my little brother up like the sister I never had. In my mind, I had the best of both worlds – all the playmates with none of the drama.

Up to this point, watching Paige and Blair interact seemed a lot like watching some sort of anthropology experiment. I have been appalled to see that these girls fight rougher with one another than my brothers and I ever did. (Well, that might be a bit of an overstatement. I vividly remember Rob lining all of us up so he could practice hip-checking before his next hockey practice. Nightly. Which, oddly enough, we were thrilled to do.)

They steal toys, bite, pull hair, push and punch. Worse still, they say horrible things to each other – Blair already tells Paige (and, disturbingly, Derrick and I), “Anybody! I NO like you!” And don’t get me started on the mocking. It’s out of control – just today Blair was walking around the condo singing “I got honey! Paige not got any honey!” She didn’t get honey. No one got honey. But that didn’t prevent a 10 minute fight about honey.

Then, all of a sudden, something changed. I’ve been noticing over the past month or so that they seem to be playing together more often. And playing together for longer periods of time. It’s nice, but I still always find myself waiting for the screeches and screams of playtime gone wrong. They are less frequent.

Then, this past week, at Disney World, Paige all of a sudden became a big sister.

She looked out for Blair. Pointed out things she knew Blair would love. Held her hand and called her “Honey.” Had her sit on her lap during their performance at ‘Enchanted Tales with Belle.’ She held her hand to meet Belle (Blair was NOT a fan of meeting most of the characters). And cheered for her when she successfully performed as a dancing plate.


Paige called Blair over to have her sit on her lap during the play. She said “come here, honey! Sit with me!”


Meeting Belle

Oh, sweet cuteness. I don't give a rip what people say about not letting your girls like princesses. They can like them all day if it means more pictures like this.

Oh, sweet cuteness. I don’t give a rip what people say about not letting your girls like princesses. They can like them all day if it means more pictures like this.

I’m not going to lie. It got a little dusty in there … my eyes began to tear up.

And then? And. Then.

This happened.


My heart skipped a beat. A tear ran down my cheek. All was right with the world.

This is what it’s all about.

I wonder if it’s too late to ask my parents for a sister …

2 thoughts on “Big Sister

  1. me too! I’ll be your sister as I never had one either. but I have to say – I will probably taunt.. seems like something I would do 🙂

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