Rookie Mistake (aka, Dad’s in charge)

I left the house this morning for a meeting. I was gone for a little less than 2 hours. Derrick came back to work from home while I was gone (the girls asked if he was babysitting them – um, no. He’s actually your parent.).

I ran a couple of minutes late, so we briefly passed outside as I was walking in and he was walking out. He was on the phone, so I only go to ask my most important question, “Did the girls watch TV the entire time I was gone?” I’m not being rude or discounting D’s parenting skills here – I’m just being realistic. A morning spent in front of the television/iPad/iPhone makes my girls crabby and crazy. Which is obviously only okay if I’m the one causing said crabbiness and craziness. Right?

Anyhoo – Derrick shot me a dirty look politely responded that while they were playing with the iPad now, they actually spent most of the time playing quietly in the basement.

Moms? Seriously? When is a child playing quietly ANYWHERE ever a good thing?

I went to check it out, and found this:









Um…jewel stickers. All over the slide. And the surrounding carpet. I’m not sure if any of you are familiar with these stickers, but I’m pretty sure the adhesive is Super Glue. I had one stuck to the bottom of my boot a few days ago, and I had to use a knife to get it off.

That being said, it was pretty hard to resist a cute, smiling Blair asking “Do ewe see ma decorwation, Mama? It bee-ewe-tu-ful!”

I had to agree, it did look beautiful.

Than I had to gently remind Blair that stickers go on paper, not things. To which SHE reminded ME that stickers “go on people, too.”


So, we had a good lesson, and she even helped to clean it up herself:









All is well again. Except for the new sticker on the bottom of my boot.

I think I’ll let Derrick get this one.


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