Child of Technology

Okay, this will be brief. But cut me some slack. A) I’m trying to keep up with my promise to myself to post more. B) Paige has been sick with a high fever since Sunday evening, and I’ve been stuck at home with 2 non-sleeping, coughing, grouchy girls since. C) I’m tired. And maybe feeling a little lazy. AKA – I’d rather be shopping on

Also – spoiler alert to my friend, Kelly. This post features your daughter’s birthday card.

So, we are home today and it is the … what, second? third? day in a row the three Feldmann girls have been stuck inside with the sickies. Hand to God, I feel like my kids are sick more than they are healthy. They’d better be winning attendance awards when they get to Junior High.

Poor little Paigers has been running a fever since late Sunday afternoon, and last night it reached 104.6 degrees. Scary. Thank God we have a nurse in the family (I’m looking at you, Aunt EJ). Whom I may or may not have called in a panic. And interrupted a concert she was enjoying (ahem, which I was supposed to be at. I’m looking at you, Paige). And then I may or may not have cried.

Whatevs. I worry. It’s what I do.

So, Miss P seemed to have a little window today where she wanted to get up off the couch. In an effort to move both girls away from the television for a brief stint, I suggested she make a birthday card for her friend, Audrey. We have a present, but no card yet – what a perfect opportunity to be crafty and creative!

She disappeared, and I began Clorox wiping every surface she has touched recently. I assumed she went to the basement where we keep an art table and crayons/stickers. Sure enough, about 15 minutes later I heard her coming into the room, proudly proclaiming the card was done, and asking me to look at it.

Expecting a drawing on construction paper, I was a bit surprised to see her carrying my iPad. She sat down and patted the seat next to her, then showed me this:


And then she asked me to print it on the printer.


This? Is a birthday card she found and customized on the Nick Jr. Draw & Play* App I have on my iPad. She somehow found a specific birthday card, customized it, and saved the picture to my Photo Stream.

I am speechless. Which happens rarely. Almost never.

Who brought the genius????

Oh, wait. I did.

*I have no support from Nickelodeon. I wish I did, since they play a very important part of every day in my life as a homemaker. This App? Cost $4.99. And it was worth. every. penny. Keeps my girls busy forever. And by “forever,” I mean “longer than 5 minutes.”


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