So, I’m not sure how many of you out there have 4 year-olds. Mine has all of a sudden thrown herself full into imaginary play. Like, all the time. This is my first in-depth experience with it, and I’m not sure if this stage is normal, or if it’s just mine. Either way, it’s proving extremely funny … and occasionally a bit disturbing.

What am I talking about?

Paige. Oh, Paige, Paige, Paige. Her imagination has taken a HUGE step to the forefront of our lives. To say she makes s*^t up sometimes would be the understatement of the year.

Take this past Friday night.

We were at Nani and Botsie’s house for dinner, and we were discussing their “new” cat. I say “new” because the cat is only new to them. She is one of two cats that belonged to my little brother. She is a precious, but skittish, kitten who is wise enough to make herself scarce anytime my kids are in the neighborhood.

This kitty came with the name “Puddin'”, and for the first week or so of her visit, Nani and Botsie were planning to send her to Florida to live with her previous owner. However, “Puddin'” smartly realized that no one, NO ONE can resist a cat-paw massage and the warmth of a purring kitty on your tummy. Especially if said someone’s are feeling sad and need some TLC. I don’t care if you say you hate cats – try to not enjoy the aforementioned snuggling. Unless your heart is made of stone, you’ve got yourself a new pet.

So, “Puddin'” gets to stay – her name does not. After much negotiation, a new name was chosen.

(sidenote – what does it say about our family that it took us a full week to decide on the new name for a cat? A cat that only lives with Nani and Botsie. Yet ALL of us needed to provide input as to what its new name should be. We MAY be a bit over-involved in one anothers’ lives, no?)

Her new name would be “Boey” – pronounced Beau-ee. This may seem like an odd choice, but I’ll give you the background. When JoBear was little, my twin brother, Jay, let him “borrow” his stuffed Paddington Bear. Needless to say, Jay never got that bear back. It quickly became Jonathan’s ‘Bo-Bear” or “Boey.” Boey and Jonathan were inseparable, and I think Nani always had at least 4 extra Paddington’s on hand in case Boey needed emergency surgery.

Where was I? Oh, right. Paige. Holy “setting up the background for a story.” I really know how to stretch things out, don’t I? This is what happens when I stop writing for lengths at a time.

So, all of the grandkids are having to re-learn to call the formerly-known-as-Puddin’ cat Boey. And it’s taking a while, but they’re getting used to it.

Nani and I were discussing Boey on Friday when Paige sauntered into the room (honest to God, I’m pretty sure this child re-defined ‘dramatic entrance’.). She walked up to Nani and Botsie, leaned on to ottoman and this conversation happened:

Paige: “So, did you guys know we changed Abbey’s name?”

Nani (looking at me as I shake my head): “You did?”

P: “Yep. We call her Amber now.”

Um, this is not even a LITTLE bit true. The cat is 11 years old, and I think we’ve pretty much decided she can live out the rest of her days with her “birth name.” I laughed out loud, then became a bit disturbed at the ease with which Paige looked at all of us and flat-out lied. She then went on to tell a story about our cat, and referred to her as “Amber” every time she said her name.

And, you know what? She’s sticking with it. Yesterday morning, she climbed into our bed (at 5-freaking-30 am) and said “Mommy, is Amber in here with you?”

This morning? The cat threw up in our bedroom (honestly, I can’t make this stuff up) and Paige shouted “Oh yuck! Amber just frowed up!”

All areas of our life our like this now. I have to warn people to believe about half (or less) of what Paige says. She is a sneaky little critter, and she thinks it’s HIL-ARIOUS when people believe things she’s made up.

Consider yourselves warned, people.

And, seriously. Stop calling the cat “Amber.”

First Day(s)

It’s here! It’s here! School has FINALLY started!

I know I haven’t been posting much this summer, but I did recently air my grievances with our preschool of choice starting so freaking late. I couldn’t WAIT for these girls to get into the routine of school, and I’m pretty sure they were ready to stop watching tv and listening to me yell enjoy all the riches that a wonderful preschool has to offer.

Paige’s first day was last Wednesday. She was so, so excited to see her friends and teachers again, and to see how this year’s classroom is different from last. This year she is an “official” preschooler – meaning she is going FOUR days a week, from 9am – 1pm. We’ve had a bit of the typical adjustments – from getting out of the house on time to the afternoon/evening exhaustion that comes with school. But, all in all? Miss P is in heaven.

Her first day began as they all have to-date: breakfast out with Daddy.



Don’t let these cute pics fool you – apparently the girls were “horrible” and Derrick is “never taking them into public again.” Sounds about right…

Getting out the door was hectic, but manageable. And, also? Freaking cute.


Oh girls, just stop with all the adorable sister-ness.


I was a little more worried about Blair’s first day (which was yesterday). Perhaps you remember that her technical first day was around this time … last year. Yep. You read that right. She hated it so, so very much that she cried. The entire time she was there. For four hours straight. After a few weeks of that, and her also not being willing to let me go anywhere out of her line of sight (like, oh, say the shower or laundry room), we decided enough was enough. We threw in the towel and let her drop out. Let’s hope this is not a habit with Derrick and I.

Yesterday morning arrived and I was she was a bundle of nerves. As I was getting their breakfast ready, I overheard she and Paige chatting by the front door. I stopped to listen, and overheard Paige telling Blair how great school was, how much she would love all the crafts, and how cool it was that their backpacks were similar and that their lunchboxes “matched exactly.” Blair quickly agreed with everything Paige said.

Have I mentioned to stop with all the cuteness? Except, don’t. Ever.


Not the face of someone I would describe as thrilled, but definitely the face of someone willing to give it a shot? (And, yes, I DO realize how large that backpack is. Has anyone ever met a little sister who didn’t want the EXACT same thing her older sister has? No? Then zip it.)


Feldmann Girls – ready to rule the world. One preschool at a time.

Also? Guess who missed these little stinkers the entire time they were gone yesterday? Me. I kept feeling like I was forgetting something, and found myself looking at the clock to see how much longer it would be before I could see them and hear how their first days went.

I know. I need help.