“I Love You”

This is a post on the fly, and I don’t even have any pictures to go with it. I just had to capture it so that someday I can look back on this day and remember. (Who am I kidding? It will probably be later today and I’ll need to look at this to remember they can be sweet to each other.)

We just sat down to lunch and Paige decided she “wanted to sit next to her baby sister.” Little did I know that this actually meant she wanted to sit RIGHT next to her. As in, sharing a chair next to her. Whatevs – not a battle I have the energy to fight, and Blair seemed fine with it.

We were all quietly enjoying our lunch (shut it – some things really do happen quietly in this house). Out of the blue, Paige turned to Blair and said, “I love you, Bear.” Blair turned back to Paige and said, “I wuv ewe tu, P.”

Stop it. I think my heart might explode.

Then they both decided they were done with lunch, hopped down from their chairs without asking, and I just heard Paige tell Blair to “give me that back or I’ll knock your head off.” Then she screamed as Blair bit her. Again. (WTF? Why so violent, ladies???) Sounds at lot less like love than a few minutes ago …

Oh well …

If fleeting sisterly love is all I’ll get, then I guess I’ll have to take it.



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