Okay, this past Saturday was Paige’s last t-ball game. Yes, I realize I haven’t yet posted anything about this big adventure. But, in my defense, I first drafted this post on May 1st. I just got so overwhelmed with all the pictures and stories when I started to finish it that I decided to write about other important things. Like Band-aids and bananas, apparently.

You might remember that Paige tried soccer last Fall, then promptly decided we should “put soccer away.” She fought going to every single game, but always had a terrific time once she was actually there. Enter t-ball – which is a 2 month-long “season” that includes practices AND games.

All I can say is, thank God for post-game snacks. I’m not sure we could have gotten her there otherwise. And, true to form, she had a blast every time after the first 3-minutes. (Except for that one game that started at 3:30 in the afternoon. Let’s just say that a mid-afternoon game on a Saturday might need to be reconsidered for a bunch of 4 year-olds. By the end, each child on the opposing team had a parent on the field with them, and more than 80% of all the kids were crying.)

So, a quick overview – each inning consists of each team going up to bat. Each team member bats once, then the teams switch. No score is kept. No outs are made. No ‘R’s are ‘B’d ‘I’. In fact, most of the time, the majority of kids are  fighting their fellow teammates for the ball. Or picking up interesting-looking rocks in the dirt. Or just deciding to stroll over to the “stands” and say hi to a parent or grandparent. Or … well, you get the idea.

I probably could have stopped with the description of “4 year-olds playing an organized sport” and been done with it. (But how very unlike me.)

It was a clusterf^*k, to say the least.

But it was also one of the cutest stinking things I’ve ever seen. I mean, there is just too much cuteness and craziness to capture it in one post*. I thought I’d just let the pictures (and some captions) do the talking.


Uh-oh. We may be a little under-prepared for t-ball. This is what I got when I said “Show Mommy a t-ball pose!”


And then she insisted on wearing her batting helmet (which she calls her t-ball glove) in the van on the way to practice #2. She’s definitely showing off sports skills similar to her Mommy’s.


Paige’s Number 1 Fan (had to wear a hat because her big sister was wearing one).


The Rockies – 2013


Seriously? Enough said. Mu-wa!!! Smooches on those cute cheeks!

Woo-hoo!! First time on base! I’m not sure who was more proud of her – herself or her Mommy!


Blair and I cheering along during a game (with Botsie cheering in the background … or more likely trying to figure out what the heck is going on and why no one ever gets tagged out.)


Blair at a game later in the season. Clearly over the novelty of t-ball. And her sister. And pretty much life in general at this point.

These next few shots were taken by a photographer from First Baptist Athletics. I think they eloquently capture Paige’s struggles and triumphs with learning to bat:

IMG_3103 IMG_3102 IMG_3101 IMG_3100 IMG_3099 IMG_3098 IMG_3097 IMG_3096


This is “Coach Greg” giving Paige some pointers. Luckily, he is a long-time friend of mine … and seriously perhaps one of the most patient men I’ve ever met!


Two teammates struggling over a ball … notice Paige in the background. Dancing, obvs.


Yep – this seems about right. Aka, Paige playing 1st base.


Congratulating the other team after the game – aka, one team always ends up standing still while the other walks by and gives high-fives. On both sides of the team.



Following the last game, the entire team got to come up to a podium to get a medal. The Olympic theme music may or may not have been playing. Then they each got to sign the ball. Seriously? Cuteness overload.





Go Rockies!!!

*See? I could have gone on forever … and it even kind of seems like I already did! Until soccer season, y’all (which Paige is already telling me she doesn’t want to play … as she wears her medal from t-ball).

One thought on “T-Ball

  1. I just LOVE that she has a huge smile on her face in every single one of those pictures where she is T R Y I N G to hit the ball off of the T!! Now, THAT’S game enthusiasm!! Love that little Paigers!!

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