Father’s Day

How lucky are my girls, you ask?

Lucky enough to have a daddy that is already teaching them the ways of the world. He makes sure they get to listen to music other than “Mommy Music” (which is what my kids call music like The Beatles or The Rolling Stones). Without him I mean, they would never know the words to the chorus of Gangnam Style or the lyrics to Ke$ha songs.

He is teaching them the importance of a good bowl of cereal, and that it can be eaten any time of day. And is best chased with ice cream. And to never, ever, EVER pass up a doughnut. That’s crazy talk.

They’re learning that keeping up with technology is important. The use of iPhones, iPads and the internet is critical. When Paige waits for a webpage she says “loading, loading, loading.” In fact, I’m pretty sure they might know more about it than me. They will be so, so much cooler than me.

They’re learning to be sure to right a wrong. No. Body. Can get a customer service rep to bend like their daddy. Seriously. It’s an art form. We may or may not have the premium package from U-verse because he keeps threatening to leave. And if we had a dollar for every time he talked to Sprint … well, we wouldn’t be calling U-verse anymore, that’s for sure.

All kidding aside (I know – crazy from me), he is teaching our girls many, many things I cannot. He is teaching them patience – something I am seriously lacking (it’s a Whitacre thing, so I take no responsibility).

He is teaching them what I like to call “morning skills.” I have none. Paige has her daddy’s jump-out-of-bed-and-attack-the-day-with-gusto morning skills. Blair is more my speed, but still much more pleasant to be around in the morning than me. Each morning she and I sit side by side in my bed while I sip my coffee and she sips her milk. It is not too shabby.

He is teaching them how to have fun. Yes, yes, I know, I know. I am also super-fun. But, he teaches them HIS kind of fun. It’s much different than mine, a lot louder, and usually involves a lot of bouncing, throwing and yelling.

Those who know us well know we are awfully snarky with one another (so I guess together we’re also teaching our kids sarcasm…whoops), but all in all, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Happy Father’s Day to a wonderful man, husband and father. We love you!





One thought on “Father’s Day

  1. ….an example of ‘righting a wrong’ skills: last week, after we had ordered pizzas for everyone for dinner & they weren’t delivered in a ‘timely fashion’?! Well, Derrick calls & after quite a lengthy ‘discussion’ (oh, he’s always civil!), he just says, “We’ll, this is just not acceptable!” End result: $72.00 worth of free pizza (side note – he was NOT a good tipper to the delivery man – poor collateral-damage guy!!)

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