Care Bear

As you know, Blair had her birthday party just over a week ago. At said party, she was given Share Bear. Well, not actually Share Bear (c’mon – we don’t need another pet … even a cheery purple bear that shares). A stuffed version of Share Bear. Obvs.

Before the party was even over, Paige had somehow convinced Blair that Share Bear wasn’t something she would want. And that Blair would be better off just giving that ‘ol Share Bear to Paige. (Sidenote: this scenario is so, so very like so, so very many of the stories my parents like to tell about me being little. It’s a little scary sometimes just how much Paige and I are alike.)

Paige carried said Share Bear around everywhere we went for the next few days. Since the bear was actually a gift for Blair, and since I was feeling especially guilty after preschool drop-off on Monday, so I decided to head to Target to get Paige her own Care Bear (Cheer Bear, to be exact. And, trust me. I recognize the irony of these stupid bears’ names. Note that they don’t make stuffed versions of Grumpy Bear.).

Fast forward to after school being pretty much just as awful as before school, and … well, let’s just say that Share Bear is now Blair’s again. And Paige did NOT get Cheer Bear. And that Paige is never, ever allowed to play with Share Bear again. That’s right, peeps. I went ahead and took away a toy forever. And I may or may not have said “Forever and ever and ever.”

If you ever need to make a 4 year-old cry, call me. I’m your gal. I’m pretty awesome like that.

So, after multiple time outs and a pretty craptacular evening, Derrick struck a deal with Paige. If she could stay out of timeout for 3 days, Cheer Bear was hers. Three solid days in a row.

And thus, here sits Cheer Bear. Still smiling and attempting to spread cheer to the Feldmanns one and all. But relegated to a spot high out of Paige’s reach. And quietly collecting dust.


I found this in his (her?) pocket today:

Dear Diary,

Day 6.

WTF? Where am I? These people are so loud!!

I see the child they’d like to give me to, they call her “Paige” (or, maybe “Paige, COME ON! LISTEN!” … which seems like an odd choice.). While she seems so very cute and funny, she also seems to have some sort of disorder that makes her unable to listen and make good choices. So far all she’s been able to do is come stand underneath me and stare up at me. And not the good kind of Care Bear Stare. A sad, wistful stare that makes me feel like in her heart she knows we might never be able to play together.

This morning her mommy was showing me to a visitor, and she asked this “Paige” if today counted as a day towards earning me. “Nope,” Paige responded. Apparently, according to the mommy, Paige was in timeout by 7:00 am . The family hadn’t even made it downstairs for breakfast yet! This might be tougher than I thought…

I sure hope she can pull it together long enough to stay out of timeout for 3 days. I mean, it’s only 3 days – how hard could that be? It’s not like they’re asking her to travel to The Land Without Feelings or anything, right?!?!?

Stay tuned, dearest Diary. I hope to write soon with good news. Until then, let Wish Bear know we could use all the help we can get down here.


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