Turning Two

Oh Baby Blair.

This week we celebrated the second anniversary of your birth, and today we celebrated you.

It’s hard to even imagine that there was a time when we worried we wouldn’t have a second baby. A time when we hoped and prayed as hard as we could for another miracle in our lives. Another child for us and a sibling for Paige. And, to borrow a line from one of our favorite books, God gave us you.

You with your dark chocolate eyes. You with your infectious little belly laugh. You with your quick little temper and impish little grin that typically follows anything naughty you may or may not have done. You with your outbursts at your sister when you tear off her glasses, and your immediate decision to give her the tightest hug you can give. You with your crazy puzzle skills that I’m pretty sure already qualify you as a genius. You with your love for your big sister and your desire to do everything she does. You with your stubborn refusal to wear pants, sit in any sort of high chair, or pretty much do anything you don’t want to do.

You with your calls of “Mama” as you run towards me with a huge grin and arms raised for me to pick you up – even though I just left the room a few minutes earlier. You with your cries in the night that have always been immediately silenced by sleeping on my chest. You with your little midnight snores that make my heart ache with how much I wish I could keep you this age forever.

But I can’t keep you 2 for long. You already show a fearlessness that both awes me and terrifies me on a daily basis. Someday, my Baby Blair, together you and your sister will rule the world. Be kind to one another, and take care each other. You are each the other’s keeper – keep each other safe, dry each other’s tears, share each other’s joys. And never, ever, for one second forget how much your Mommy and Daddy love you. No matter what.

Until then, keep surprising us and making us laugh (and sometimes cry) every single day.

In other words, just keep keeping it real, Baby Bear.



Whew – enough sappiness (why do my kids’ birthdays always make me cry?!?!). We had a fabulous birthday week and a fun (albeit CRAZY) birthday party today for Blair. I think it was a hit! A princess-y hit at that!

Paige had a meltdown after she dropped her cupcake (and promptly decided she needed to take a nap) and Blair was acting like she was drunk … which she probably was. If it’s possible to get drunk on sugar, that is.

Here are a few pictures from the week o’ celebration and the party today:


Going for the glasses (see the impish grin?) …


Aaaand, putting the glasses back on (those poor glasses).


They can’t stay mad at each other for long. This was about 3 seconds later.


Oh, how much fun it must be to have a sister? Besties forever.


This is what she looked like when we went into her room on her birthday morning. How could she be so very sad when we all were singing “Happy Birthday?” Oh wait …


Nothing streamers on her door and a star-shaped, sprinkle-covered donut won't fix!

Nothing streamers on her door and a star-shaped, sprinkle-covered donut won’t fix!


And a giant, shiny balloon! (I was going to write “a giant number 2 balloon,” but that just sounded gross.)


Please be sure to note how sad Paige looks in these present opening pictures. To say she wished it was her birthday would be a DRAMATIC understatement.


DSC_0172 IMG_2993 DSC_0167 DSC_0169


She blew out both candles by herself! Oh, and went ahead and sang “Happy Birthday” to herself, too. Obvs.

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