R.I.P. Bunbun

Those of you who know Blair well … or even at all … or really have ever even seen her … know that her Bunbun is a constant presence in her daily life. I can’t even link to all the past posts Bunbun has appeared in, because it would be too many.

Bunbun accompanies her during the good times:

photo1 Airplane!

And the, well, the not-so-good times:

Observe Bunbun over her shoulder

Observe Bunbun over her shoulder

In fact, you could almost do a “Where’s Waldo”-type search in most of our pictures. I’ll put my money on Bunbun being in there somewhere.

This past weekend we were in Chicago for Easter. Saturday night after the Feldmann family dinner we headed back to the hotel, and somewhere between parking our car in the parking garage half a block away from the hotel and out hotel room, Bunbun went missing. It was raining. The girls were crabby. We were rushing. We missed the drop.

And all hell broke loose.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not a moron. We have an extra Bunbun that I constantly swap in and out so they wear at the same rate. But the other Bunbun does NOT come on vacation, or any trips, with us.


We tried to put Blair to bed without Bunbun, and to say she was hysterical would be like saying a Honey Badger can get a little testy sometimes. Derrick left to comb the streets for Bunbun, even going so far as to walk into restaurants near the parking garage to see if anyone had turned Bunbun in (what a good daddy). They hadn’t.

I decided it would be best to let Blair sleep with the only thing in the world she loves more than Bunbun. Me (lots of days this doesn’t seem to be true, by the way).

Thus began a constant cycle of her falling asleep next to me, hitting me in the face, waking up, yelling sadly for “Bunbun!” (in “Stella!!!” style), climbing onto my belly, flopping facedown on me, and falling asleep.

Every. Fifteen. Minutes. The entire cycle started over.

No joke.

She was exhausted. I was exhausted. Derrick was exhausted (though I think he slept more than he realizes … based on the loud snores coming from his side of the bed). At one point he tried to put Blair back into her bed, she screamed, and he picked her up and screamed right back at her.

It was a really special moment for our family.

The next morning was Easter, so there were plenty of distractions to take Blair’s mind off of her missing friend. The ride home was fairly uneventful. Mostly because Blair slept almost the entire way.

We got home, gave her Bunbun, and it was like she realized the true meaning of Easter. Bunbun had been resurrected, and she was thrilled. She screamed, got on top of Bunbun, and gave him a little hump (which is what she usually does when she sees him).

We had a friend give us a similar bunny she had at her house that no one used. At first Blair seemed to not notice the difference. Then she woke from her nap yesterday saying “Das no white” over and over again. Paige and I thought she was telling us Bunbun wasn’t white (which is true – he’s yellow). But then I thought about it and asked her “That’s not right?” She vehemently shook her head ‘yes’ and repeated “Yes! Das no white!!!” as she pointed to faux Bunbun. (Her Susu also bought her a new Bunbun, but it was the wrong color. When I tried to hand it to her she smiled, then tossed it to the ground. It’s cute, she probably thought, but it doesn’t belong here.)


So, we’re sticking with this new Bunbun for a while to see if it grows on her. The Bunbun we still have is the original one with her name stitched into it, so it will not be joining us on any trips. Ever.

R.I.P., original extra Bunbun.

You will be missed.


In my head I’m hearing Sarah McLaughlin’s “I Will Remember You” as I look at this picture…

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