Bestest Frenemies

One thing I’m loving as Blair gets older is watching how often she and Paige turn to each other as play mates (or, more likely, partners-in-crime). Yet, it’s such a delicate balance between best friends and opponents in a boxing match. And it changes in the blink of an eye –  faster than that, actually, but I couldn’t think of an example.

Blair follows Paige EVERYWHERE. Which usually drives Paige crazy. (Which, actually, I don’t really get. Because usually Paige calls out “Let’s go, Bear!”, which is quickly followed by, “Stop following me, Bear!” Holy mixed messages.)

Blair does EVERYTHING Paige does. Which usually leaves me on the constant brink of a heart attack. But, I’ve realized that this can be useful to me, as I’ve started to enlist Paige to teach Blair how to do things. This works because a) Paige is kind of a wimp about trying new/potentially scary things definitely NOT a risk-taker, and b) Paige LOVES to tell Blair what to do.



This is Paige teaching Blair how to hold the railing while she walks up the stairs. Blair usually haphazardly rests her hand on the wall, on the opposite side of the stairs. Usually while carrying something. Ugh. Paige, on the other hand, ALWAYS uses the railing. Duh.


And this is Paige teaching Blair how to hold the railing on the way down. Why, you ask? Because Blair has decided she doesn’t need to turn around or go down the stairs on her bottom. She can do it “SELF!” And thus you see why I have gray hairs. This is not an optical illusion in this picture. These stairs really are this steep. (Side note: Paige just recently stopped going down the stairs backwards. So, so safe, that little one.)


See how sweet they are? Learning from one another. Playing so nicely together.

About 2 minutes later (and I’m being generous with the timeline, here), they started wrestling. Which turned into a fight. Which turned into Paige smacking Blair across the face. With her fingernails. I promptly sent Paige to her room, and as she was stomping and screaming she yelled “FINE! I will NOT play with Blair ANY! MORE! She is NOT my friend!!” Slam, went the door.

We could hear Paige crying from her room, and I turned around to console Blair, who I was sure was still upset from the smack. Well, apparently I misread the situation.

Blair was stomping up behind me, and stopped short outside Paige’s bedroom door.

“Peege!!!”, she yelled at the door. And was met with crying. She rapidly turned around to me, stuck her finger in my face, and proceeded to give me what I like to refer to as “the business.” Oh man, she was PISSED at me! I couldn’t make out most of it, but I definitely know she was talking about her sister, she was upset with me, and she wanted the “DOO!” “OPEE!!!” (which roughly translates to “door open”).

I opened the door, Blair marched in and gave Paige a hug. Then the two of them marched off together to play with Mr. Potatohead. Which, incidentally, is the scene of the aforementioned crime. I’m also pretty sure they were talking about me, but I can’t be sure.



2 thoughts on “Bestest Frenemies

    • Hmmm…since I just had to stain-treat those pants she had on when we went through the new-old (or is it old-new) house? C-A-R-E-F-U-L-L-Y down the stairs!

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