Too Tight

Ahhhh, Blair. So close to 2-years old, we can almost taste it. Or, rather, hear it.

She has really grasped the concept of expressing herself. We get LOTS of strong opinions about almost everything. Like, for example, what she should wear. Or, say, if she’s unhappy with our drink of choice (dare we give her water instead of milk), she has been known to toss her cup with a surprising amount of force to the ground. With what seems like pretty decent accuracy towards our exposed toes.

She is practically an expert fit-thrower. Yesterday, she wanted to wear a certain outfit and I said “no” (it was WAY too cold for a sleeveless romper). She proceeded to scream for 25 minutes in our closet. Little girl does NOT mess around.

She’s also finding her voice in the literal sense. Her vocabulary seems to expand daily. It’s pretty cute – and, honestly, a heck of a lot easier to diffuse situations when we can sort-of grasp what she wants.

And, in true little sister fashion, she typically wants and says whatever she hears her big sister say.

She heard Paige tell me that her shoes were too tight one day as we were leaving the house (and by ‘tell’ I obviously mean ‘scream and throw a fit until I threatened to make her go to school barefoot because we JUST bought those shoes, you picked them out and I am 100% certain they are NOT too tight!!!!!). Um, where was I?

Oh yes, “too tight.”

So, Blair has decided everything is “too tight.” Every. Freaking. Thing.

Her car seat? “Too tight!” (It has to be that way to keep you safe.)

Her shoes? “Too tight, mama! Take off!” (Also not too tight – we just had you sized.)

Her outfit? “Too tight! Too tight! Too tight!” (Nope again – they’re pajamas, Blair. In fact, they’re a size too big.)

Her diaper? “Too tight!” (Said with a devilish grin – she knows she’s not going to win that one.)

It’s all just too tight, and she is letting us know just how much she doesn’t like it. Granted, sometimes she’s right – those boots might have actually been a bit too tight. We’ll give her that one. Other than that, I swear I hear the words “too tight” in my sleep, and I am at the point where I can now say it with her – she’s that predictable.

My hugs, though? NOT deemed too tight, for some reason.Because I can promise you, with those big brown eyes and pigtails, they probably ARE a bit too tight. But only, like, 96% of the time.


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