Sick Days, Vacation Days

Here’s the thing – being sick on vacation in not much fun. And I am sick as a dog right now. Seriously – call me, I sound like a man. Don’t call me – I won’t answer my phone. I’m on vacation.

But, I’m not complaining even one iota of the smallest molecule of the littlest particle (that might be backwards. Or maybe not even a little correct at all … I don’t care. I’m a housewife, not a scientist.).

You know why I’m not complaining? Because here are what sick days look like in Florida:

Looks like it’s going to be another crappy day on Longboat Key …

Girlies in my bed. Shhh … if Nani asks, that’s just water in those cups. NOT MILK? Got it?
(Every day actually starts like this, even in Indiana. Every. Single. Day. Promise me it lasts forever.)

Some playtime before breakfast. Paige has just announced that she is the doctor and the nurse. Which makes Blair the … less busy of the two, I guess?
A pancake breakfast at The Depot! Mmmmm … pancakes.

Hi, Nani and Botsie! (This was right before Bots made Blair ‘hide’ behind her crayon. He was making train sounds, she thought he was telling her to ‘shush.’ A little miscommunication. Blair did NOT appreciate it – she is, after all, Botsie’s bestie.
Blair pointing to the train (look for the black blur right under the hanging light). She liked to yell and point it out each time it passed. Which was about every 30 seconds.

Seriously? It’s too bad she’s not very cute, right?

She didn’t think she could do it …

We told her we KNEW she could do it …

SHE DID IT!!!! So pleased with herself!!

Conference in the tunnel … plotting their next terrorist act, no doubt.

Yay!!!! (That’s actually what she’s saying here.)

Tigers! Blair wanted NO part of these faux circus animals, which were scattered throughout the park. She thinks they are real … which I think is pretty funny. I may or may not try to make her touch them to see what she’ll do. I’m a super-great mom.

I don’t blame Blair for avoiding this one. Clowns are creepy – even pretend ones.

Clowns in the clown car! Okay, THESE particular clowns aren’t creepy!

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