MUCH More Like It …

Soooo, you may remember our introduction to ballet. Or, perhaps, our un-vitation to ballet?

Let’s just say we quickly realized little Paiger’s personality isn’t exactly suited to the types of activities that require lots of standing around and listening. Or old-ish teachers who don’t have much patience for … um, how do you say? Strong-ish personalities?

Soccer was a tad better, but mostly because we are pretty sure Paige really enjoyed hanging out with her friends and getting the snacks at the end. And she might have had a teensy crush on one of her coaches. Who is also her dentist. (A coincidence that she could NOT get past.)

Then, a few weeks ago we started gymnastics.

Before the first class there was a lot of hemming and hawing about how much she didn’t like gymnastics (um, except that she had never been). And lots of talk that she was worried the other kids would laugh at her (I’m not even sure where the HELL this comes from? WTF? Why would a 4 year-old even think that?!?!? That’s a subject for another post).

She and I walk into her first class, along with Blair and Gramma. It helped that Paige had her birthday party to look forward to later that day. It also helped (apparently) that she was able to announce said birthday party to the entire class. It certainly gave her an ice-breaker.

Her teacher is a young woman named ‘Ms. Chris.’ She is spunky, energetic and she doesn’t take “I can’t do it” for an answer. She is just what Paige needs – a certain blend of sweet and fun, yet hard-assed bossiness. In short – her nemesis who is also her idol. Probably a lot like Paige will be one day.

The classes have gone really well. She spends most of the time running around, saying “Ta-da” and waving to me. The first class, she excitedly yelled to Ms. Chris “I DID IT!” every time she did a somersault. Ms. Chris let Paige know this was unnecessary. I didn’t have the heart to tell Ms. Chris that Paige was so excited because she had never actually DONE a somersault before.

I mean, do you know me at all? I hear somersault and my mind immediately jumps to broken neck. I hear cartwheel and I’m all like “well, let’s pick out your wheelchair.” I figured it was better for her to learn in the presence of an expert. And, yes. In my mind, “Instructor at the YMCA” = “Expert.”

Anyhoo – here are some pictures from the past two classes. She had to miss a class because of my stupid appendix. But I think she’ll be alright.

Ready to go to her first class! Thanks, Gramma and Grampa for the cute outfit! (And seriously? Those legs? I would pay a trainer everything I have for them!)

Practicing her first ‘Ta-da!’ (That’s Ms. Chris beside her. And, in the blue leotard, quite possibly one of the cutest little girls I’ve ever seen that aren’t directly related to me.)
See? LOTS of running. This is one of MANY pictures of the running I took. It was the least blurry.
Working on a handstand
Blair, watching the beginning of class. Shortly after this shot she tore stuff off that bulletin board, threw a fit, tossed her snack all over the place and spilled her water on my iPad. Being a little sister is HARD work.

LOTS of firsts in this class – bouncing somersault!
Her next class – learning the ‘pike’

Working on somersaults. Seriously. I hold my breath EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. she is not standing upright.

“TA-DA!!!” Followed by an, “I DID IT, MOMMY! I DID IT!” Paige, once again: Please, stay like this forever. I heart you. So, so much.

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