Breakfast Dates

This is going to sound crazy, but the girls and I had our very first sit-down breakfast date yesterday. I know, I know … you might be thinking, “what the heck has she been waiting for?”

If that is the case, please go back through and read all previous posts for clarification.

Our day began early because I had to drop the van off at 7:30 am at the dealership (awwww yeah, remote starter! No more shivering babies waiting for the heat to kick in!). It helps that our girls wake up at the ass-crack of dawn. Yet, to make this happen, we had to dress ourselves and the girls, give them breakfast, brush teeth and hair, get everyone out the door and loaded into the van, drive to Nani and Botsie’s to borrow their car, put carseats in said car, drive to the dealership, drop off van, take Derrick back to Nani and Botsie’s to get his car again and … wait, that was it. Did I mention it was snowing and everyone was driving about 10 miles per hour?

I mean, for the love. Anyhoo, we had a few hours to kill before Paige’s 4 year-old check up (sob!), so rather than go home, unload and then start the process all over again, I decided to run some errands.

We were at Trader Joe’s by 8:15 am. Which, incidentally, might actually be the best time ever to be at TJ’s. We were the only people there besides the employees. Meaning no one gave us dirty looks when my girl’s found the monkey (aka, started screaming excitedly and making loud monkey sounds). TJ workers get my kids, which makes me love that place even more.

Even after more than our fair share of samples (crumpets with cookie butter. COOKIE. BUTTER. Literally a jar of creamy goodness made out of crushed cookies. Who could blame us for going back?) we realized we were starving. Things had been going fairly well, so I decided to give a restaurant a shot. We headed to Panera.

I mean, I’m not crazy. Not a sit-down and order restaurant. Baby steps, people.

They were delightful dates … albeit a little high-maintenance. But, who doesn’t have a hard time deciding what to order (it took Paige 5 minutes and an ultimatum) and cry for her own empty coffee cup (I get it, Blair. I feel that way about coffee). And, it’s nice to know I’m missed when I take the 10 steps to the coffee station to fill up my cup. The girls let me know they missed me by telling “Mama! Hi Mama!” until I came back to the table.

MAN I make cute kids! Shortly after this, Blair let out one of her pterodactyl screams. Right after a group of old ladies walked in. One of them looked at us and said “Oh no!!!” I looked back and said, “Oh yes!!!”

I mean, it’s not like she was upset or being bad. She was just excited (yes, she doesn’t get out much).  Yet, we decided as a trio that it was probably time to head on out.

Let’s roll, ladies. We got places to go and people to see.

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