Happy 4th Birthday, Paige

I’m not sure how this happened. I swear to God, Paige was born about 6 months ago. And Blair is still an infant. Right?

Somehow this:

Became this:

And then all of a sudden become this:

I swear to God, I went to bed one night, and all of a sudden she’s four years old.
Below are a few pictures for Paige’s 4th birthday party. It was rainbow-themed, and I’m pretty sure it was everything she hoped it would be (or, at least, I hope so). 
Before that, I’m going to get sappy for just a quick second. Only because I hope that someday my girls will look at these posts as a sort of journal on their youth.
Dearest, dearest Paigers, you are my sunshine. You TRULY make me happy … even when skies are already sunny. I love you so much that my heart literally hurts (in a good way) on a daily basis. (Here I go, tearing up). 
Your Daddy and I hoped and prayed for you for so long, and we even thought that there was a time where we would never know you. And then, a miracle. And there you were. My little baby girl. Perfect in every way a baby should be. And imperfect enough that you don’t ever have to worry about living up to an unachievable expectation.
I want nothing else for you but a life full of love and happiness. But I know that hurt and pain will someday come your way. In that case, I want nothing but to be your rock, your understanding ear, your sympathetic heart, and your ever-waiting arms. I will always love you. No matter what you are. No matter who you are. No matter where you are. Your daddy and I will always love you with all of our hearts.

Aaaaaaannndddd, then Uncle Jay-boy stole our camera. Of course he did. Silly twin.

Post-birthday viewing of ‘Finding Nemo’ with Uncle Brian, quickly followed by a pre-6:00 pm bedtime. 

Overall, a birthday success.
Happy, happy, happy birthday my dear Paigers. I love you more than anything. To the moon and back. And even more then some. Times infinity.

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