Repetition. Again.

I have often said that Paige will someday be either CEO of a large company, or dictator of a small country. Either way, she will rock it, I’m sure.

I’ve also mentioned once or twice that Paige would be an excellent addition to either terrorist cells or those designated to break the spirits of terrorists.

Case in point:

We are currently in Longboat Key, Florida. The Feldmann crew is staying in Nani and Botsie’s condo, while the ‘cousins’ (and their parents, obv) are staying in a condo down the road. This has actually been awesome, because their place is on the beach and we spend time there with them during the day,

and then at least one of the cousins have been spending the night with us.

Seriously? How much fun would it be to have this many ready-made playmates? And there is even one missing from this picture. The youngest, a boy … poor kid. If only he knew this is what his future held …

On more than one night, all three Whitacre girls have spent the night.

(Just setting the scene for you, here).

So, the Feldmann family’s day began at 5:35 this morning (typical). When Paige came into my bed (ugh…really?) and curled her little body next to mine (still a perfect fit) and told me she loved me (oh, sister. Please always do this.).

Then she asked me when her cousins were going to wake up.

M: “I don’t know, sweetie. It’s SUPER early. Let’s shut our eyes and go to sleep.”
P: “Okay, Mama.” Insert 10 second pause. “Hey, Mama. When will my cousins wake up?”

People? This went on for 2 hours. 120 minutes. Of being asked EVERY. 10. SECONDS.

At first, I was sweet about it. Then I became a little impatient. Then I became annoyed.

Then, I lost my shit.

Around 7:25 I may or may not have raised my voice and said “PAIGE!!! I CANNOT answer that question! There is no way for me to possibly have any clue when your cousins are going to wake up!! I cannot know the answer to that question!!!! I will promise you this: they WILL be awake at some point today! That is all I know! PLEASE!!!!!”

She seemed to get that she was driving me very close to the edge. She seemed to recognize that I was only 2 cups of coffee into the day (or, already two cups into the day … however you choose to look at it).

She gave me a vaguely dirty look, put her thumb in her mouth and went back to looking at pictures on my phone.

Then, after about 30 seconds, she turned to me, gave me a sweet smile and said:

“Hey. Mama? When will my cousins wake up?”

Seriously? Government people? Pay attention. Get this girl on your payroll now. Because when it comes to breaking people down, she has the market cornered. She even has the wherewith all to looked shocked, STUNNED even, when I get frustrated with her. As if she can’t BELIEVE why on Earth I would be upset with her.

And, I start to wonder if I’m a little crazy. Perhaps I AM being irrational. I begin to doubt myself. Maybe, somewhere deep inside, I actually DO know when her cousins will wake up.

Well played, Paige. Well played.

Update: Since I began writing this post, the cousins have indeed woken up. Just as I predicted. For those of you interested, it was just before 8:00 am. I actually didn’t know kids slept that late. Huh.

Addison and Paige greeted one another in the hall with a hug. The cousins all congregate in our room to say good morning to each other, and Paige literally squeals with joy. They all look at Paige, incredulous at her energy so early (I’m only guessing). Addison has declared “That Paige sure is a wunner (runner).”

 Blair and Paige have had two fights, Blair has tried to break Paige’s glasses once. 

They are now all playing house. Gracie is pretending to be the Mommy, and I just heard her tell the girls it was time for their spankings. She then just ran into our room with her “purse” and said, “Sorry, I’m trying to hide from my kids.”

Derrick and I just looked at her, knowingly, and said “Yeah. We get that. Us too.”

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