Last Warm Day

This post is actually about last weekend, and some of you may have seen some of these pictures on Facebook already.
I couldn’t let what was possibly/probably the last warm day of the year pass without documentation. It was mid-November, and we spent all day outside playing in the yard (and cleaning out/de-cluttering the garage).
Paige ‘helping’ her daddy organize the garage – aka, take all the toys off the shelves after we just organized them.

These poor kids – they think that Playdough is an “outside” toy. Paige wonders why they get to play with it at school, and I just explained that school is a “special place where they get to do all sorts of fun things like play with clay, paint, and make messes. It’s not like home at all.”
The girls loved the opportunity to play on their swingset. For the past two months or so, Paige has been going down the slide all by herself. It occasionally takes a bit of coaxing, but after one trip down she remembers how fun it is. 

Look at that face. Pure joy. Now, if only she would let me brush that hair!!!

Blair enjoyed ‘mowing’ the lawn, digging in the sand table and playing in her Cozy Coupe. 
Until she noticed what her big sister was doing. And then this happened:

Yep. It took Paige ALL spring and summer to work up the nerve to go down the slide on her own. And Blair just climbed herself up the ladder (she tried to go up the “harder” ladder first, but this mom has limits to what I will let my nerves endure). She went down once and humored me by letting me catch her at the bottom. And then she would have nothing to do with that last safety measure.
Such a fearless little girl. 
Hand to God, she is going to be the death of me.

See? I’m not making this up – I turned my back for TWO seconds to look at something in the garage with Derrick, and I turned back around and she had pulled out the chair, climbed onto the table, changed the station on Pandora and was drawing on my garage ‘blueprint’ for organizing everything. Granted, she had some pretty good ideas, but still … 

Partners-in-crime … 

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