Are You Ready For Some Futbol?

Folks, you ain’t seen nuthin till you’ve been to a soccer game played by 3 year olds. It is quite possibly one of the most awesome things I’ve ever seen.

Let me set the scene – there’s 30 minutes of practice, and then 30 minutes of a game against another team. Paige’s team is the Twisters, and her friends Simon, Griffin and Tatum play (their daddies are the coaches. Tatum’s daddy is also our dentist – a fact which blows Paige’s mind. “Dr. Ted is my toof doctor AND my soccer coach???? That’s crazy!”) Practice consists of stretching, some running a lap or so, lots of waving at mom, and more than a few tears (no, we’re not sure why, either. I guess soccer is just really sad sometimes?).

During the game, the coaches often had to stop to tie a player’s shoes midway down the field. Oftentimes, a player would swing by their parents’ seats for a quick smooch and a hug (Paige, please never stop doing this, okay?). A little girl on the other team stood with the ball locked between her ankles while all the other kids just stood around and stared at her. When Paige wasn’t in the game, she was on the sidelines sitting in someone’s lap and sucking her thumb. 
At one point, a mom was actually on the field holding her son’s hand while he was chasing the ball. I cannot make this stuff up.
Paige’s favorite part of soccer? The snacks after the game. 
Her least favorite part? “I think it’s very rude that the other team doesn’t share the ball, Mommy. And they keep trying to kick the ball into our goal! It’s not nice!”
This is Paige post-kick. She does this little thing that’s part skip, part hop and all joy. It makes my heart happy to see it.

Paige also spent a bit of time rearranging the field. She yelled “Mommy, dis cone should go riiiiigggght here. Okay?” Okay, Paige. Because, let’s be honest. I probably know as much about soccer as she does, and I agree – the cone DOES look better there.

Blair was VERY pleased with herself in her little chair. She sat here and kicked her little feet for a good 15 minutes. Then she decided to eat grass and put my soda can in her mouth. I swear, it’s a surprise sometimes that this girl makes it through the day without a trip to the ER or a call to poison control.

A post-game lunch at “Shake and Steak”. Go Twisters!!!

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