Scavenger Hunt

I admit it – I’m completely obsessive-compulsive.

So OCD, in fact, that I can’t bring myself to hire a cleaning lady (because, let’s face it, I’d clean my house for her before she got here). And, I may or may not be in a constant state of rearrangement for all cupboards, closets, drawers, etc. in my house. Nothing is safe. Really. Don’t bother really learning where anything is (as Derrick will attest to).

So, I don’t really mind cleaning our house. I count it as a workout, and I know my kids could eat off the floor when I’m done. Because, let’s be honest – they’re usually eating things off the floor anyway.

One thing I’m liking about cleaning now that both girls are mobile is that it’s not becoming a scavenger hunt. Full of constant surprises. I never know what I’m going to find.

For example: yesterday I was cleaning our living room. I took the cushions off the couch to vacuum (See? I’m not exaggerating) and found: a handful of Panda Puffs, a pen, two ‘sippydips’, a long-missing remote control and a Little Person (Maggie, the bus driver, to be specific).

While sweeping under the side table I found a sippy cup (with water, thank God – the milk ones go straight into the trash), a large dust bunny I considered keeping and raising, and another Little Person (Zookeeper, in case you’re wondering).

Last, but not least, I moved the large ottoman. Found: one drumstick (the musical kind, not the chicken kind), a book we’ve been looking for, two blocks, a ball and another Little Person (the mommy who drives the mini-van, so you know).

Side note: what is with these Little People? Do I need to be concerned we have an Indian in the Cupboard situation here?!??!

Folks – I clean like this once every two weeks. Moving furniture, taking off cushions, restoring things to their rightful homes. And I pick up toys twice a day – once during nap and once after the girls have gone to bed. How is it possible that just ONE ROOM of our house has enough toys squirreled away to fill a small box for Goodwill to put away for my kids to play with again?

It’s insane. And I’m super-excited. Because I’m cleaning BOTH Paige’s and Blair’s room tomorrow!!! Let the games continue!

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