Okay, here’s a few things you know about Blair.

1) She’s cute. Gorgeous even.

Look at those brown eyes. Can’t stand it. I just can’t!
2) She will scratch your freaking eyes out if threatened. Seriously. Do. Not. Poke. The. Bear.
See that LONG scratch on my face? No, no – past the sunspots. Uh-uh, below the dark circles under my eye. (Good Lord, I look horrible!!!) Yep – the two part, deep scratch. From Blair. In this case, “threatened” was me daring to take a pack of gum out of her mouth. She had snagged it from my purse during the dolphin show at the Zoo. Needless to say, that’s the last second she saw of the dolphin show.
3) This is a new one – apparently, she’s polite! I don’t have a photo to go along with this to prove it, so I will illustrate with a story and you’ll take my word for it. 
The girls and I were at Paige’s swim lesson this afternoon, and while Paige swims Blair and I hang out in a viewing room. Today there were only two other Moms there, so Blair was able to be loud and go through people’s stuff walk around and stretch her legs a bit. 
And she was actually just sort of hanging out right in front of me. That is, until she discovered the woman sitting a few chairs down. She was on the phone (the mom, not Blair), and Blair toddled up to her. “Hi!” she yelled. Seriously. She yelled it. Over and over until the woman said “Hi, cutie!” Blair smiled, tilted her head to the side, and said “Ta tu”, or “thank you” in Blair speak. Then she toddled back to me. (Um, hello? Fish for compliments, much??)
Oh yeah, she had this lady hook, line and sinker (or do you say hook, line and stinker?).
A few minutes later she walked back over to her again and began examining her daughter’s hot pink sandals. Hot pink sandals with sparkly ice cream cones on them. They were super cute. Blair agreed. She picked them up (I am not even making this up) in one hand, flung them over her shoulder, stood up, smiled at the woman and shouted “Bye!” over her shoulder as she toddled away with what I’m pretty sure she thought were her brand new shoes.
Um, I can’t say I don’t understand her obsession with shoes. She gets it honestly. And, at least she was polite? I guess?
So she’s got that going for her. Which is nice.

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