It’s Probably About Time

Well, it finally happened. It really shouldn’t be a surprise, not with the past few week’s, um, issues we’ve been having.

Yes, I’m talking about Baby Blair.

She’d had a rough morning already (which is what I told her would happen if she insisted on waking up at 5:30 am – she obviously didn’t care to listen to me). About 5 minutes after breakfast (so around 6:00-ish) I tried to read a book to she and Paige, with both girls sitting on my lap. Blair either didn’t want to share the book or my lap (most likely both). So she gave Paige a shove and turned around and gave my face a pinch. (Actually, a surprisingly hard pinch for a 15-month-old. I might want to ease up on the milk to weaken those muscles a little.) I immediately put her down on the floor and continued reading to Paige. Although it was really more like shouting the book to Paige at that point, as Blair’s screams were reaching an all-time height in volume.

Yep. Baby Blair experienced her first time-out this morning. She was NOT happy about it, but she had pulled her sister’s hair YET AGAIN. And, Paige decided to give her a well-deserved smack, so we actually had a tandem time-out. (Obviously, not in the same spot. I’m not starting a toddler version of Fight Club here, people.)

She knew she was wrong (I really, REALLY hope she knew she was wrong), but I’m a little frightened to report that the general mood of her time-out seemed less sorry and guilty –  and really just pissed and plot-y. 
Lord help us all. But especially Paige and Mommy.

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