Sandy Shoes

The girls and I went to the park for our playgroup today, and we were joined by Paige’s friend Griffin (Blair’s friend too, she just doesn’t know it yet). This park is AH-MAY-ZING. No, no, silly fools – it’s not in Marion County. It’s in Carmel (duh). 

At said park there are lots of faux rocks to climb (what, you don’t refer to playground equipment as faux?), bridges to run across, swings to swung? swing? Well, you get the idea.
There is also a large “sandbox”-y type thing that runs through the heart of the park. The kids LOVE it in there. They are constantly running in and out of it. Taking shoes off and putting shoes back on, times infinity. In fact, our little friend Lucy even buried one of her socks in the sand today (although, I’m pretty sure that’s just because she wanted her mommy to take her shopping for new socks). 
Paige was so dirty that before we had our picnic lunch (see what a great mom I am? I mean, a freaking picnic? Come on!) I had to take everyone into the bathroom to wash off their hands and feet. (Don’t gross out – the bathrooms were pristine. Remember – I said we were in Carmel?). 
And even after the cleaning, their shoes and feet were still disgusting. So disgusting, in fact, that I plopped both of the bigger kiddos into a shallow tub to wash their arms, legs and feet after we got home (which obviously necessitated a wardrobe change for Paige – I think I splashed a drop of water on her shorts).
Fast-forward to later this afternoon. Paige and Griffin wanted to play outside while we waited for his grandma to pick him up. I asked Paige to put her shoes on. The EXACT same shoes she had worn to the park, put on after I washed her feet, and wore all the way home. Without a word of complaint or even a whine (or, even really a comment for that matter).
Well, apparently these shoes were now unwearable. In fact, Paige yelled “These are DISGUSTING, Mommy! They are full of sand and are so dirty!!!” She proceed to throw a fantastic fit about “absolutely NOT putting those yucky shoes” on her feet until I washed them out. And, instead, put on her ballerina galoshes.
Yep. MUUUUU-ch better.

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