Vacation Recap

Don’t worry! I’m here – just trying to catch my breath after our week-long vacation to Hilton Head! Phew!

In short, it was ah-ma-zing. I will keep the details short-ish, because you know me. I tend to ramble and really could go on forever.

First things first – Paige got to share a bedroom with her 8-almost-9 year-old cousin, Gracie (or, Gigi, as she’s known to all of us). Let me paint the picture for you of just how excited they were. When they discovered they’d be sharing a room, they tightly hugged, squealed like the little girls they are, and jumped up and down for a good 30 seconds (which, in girl-squealy time, is an eternity). They were so freaking cute, I could hardly stand it. We’d often find them in their room with the door shut, cuddling and watching TV, playing on Gracie’s iTouch, or sitting quietly on the floor playing. It was like having a babysitter. But free. (Oh, and I think the excitement probably waned a bit for Gracie when she discovered that Paige likes to wake up at the ass-crack of dawn and either scream for someone to get in bed with her, or crawl into whichever bed is closest. While wearing her pee-soaked diaper. And Gigi and Paige had twin beds. Never fear – their friendship is still as strong as ever).

But, I digress. See? I warned you!

Here are a few pics to provide a brief recap/overview of the fun had by all (or, most, in some cases):

The hotel we stayed in after leg one of the trip (let us not speak of that again) had a pool. This is the view from our hotel room window. Note the obvious absence of Feldmann children. They are in bed. Possibly without dinner. And this photo was taken shortly before 6:00 pm. 
We visited the Biltmore Estate, where (shockingly) our girls were terrific. I guess seeing how Mommy and Daddy would like to live one day when we move in with our children is humbling. They’d better get their shit together and get into a good Kindergarten if they’re going to make anything of themselves. I mean, this waterfall was just hanging out in the Vanderbilt’s backyard, girls! Come on!
Our “beach house” (as Paige called it) had a pool in the backyard, which was PERFECT! We never had to load up bags of crap pool-going items, and we could just feed the kids lunch right there on the deck. And it was shaded a large part of the day, so we didn’t have to ‘grease the pigs’ quite so often. (And, for those of you paying extra-close attention, yes – those are indeed pool rings on Blair’s head. A fun-filled activity invented by her cousins and sister and enjoyed all week)

As you can tell by the old bag ‘o bones on the left (your left, not mine in the picture!!!), no make-up was worn and it was terrific (I say as if I ever really wear make-up. Sorry Derrick – you gotta take me on a date to see me ‘fancy’.) It’s not everyone who is lucky enough to have their brother marry their bestest friend – we get to do everything together (although that includes the good and the bad, but that’s what friends are for, right?) And Gigi took this picture – a future photographer in the making?

Fun was had with Uncle Jay-boy and Aunt Jenny. And, bless their hearts, they were INCREDIBLY patient being in a houseful of kids! However, we did notice they were hard to locate between the hours of 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm. Smart, smart Uncle Jay-boy and Aunt Jenny! (Actually, they were even there during the ‘witching hour’ almost every day. Typically with a large alcoholic beverage for everyone!)

Blair and Nate continued to made huge strides in their relationship. And by huge strides, I mean she only raked him across the face a few times, and she even gave him kisses and shared some toys with him. He might be a tad less scared of her after this trip. If he’s smart, he’ll continue to keep her at an arms-length.
Nothing funny or any real story to go with this pic. I just seriously think my nephew is one of the cutest little-old-man-stuck-in-an-infant’s-body I’ve ever seen. Can. Not. Stand. It. And, seriously. He is smiling like this almost constantly. 

Paigers having fun in the pool. She was a little fish, and even did some swimming without her Puddle-Jumper! (The best invention ever, in case you’re wondering). Look at that face. I could just smooch her all day long!!

Blair and her daddy perfected their “weekend hair” and Blair discovered the magical world of sunglasses. She even put them on top of her head one day, but I wasn’t fast enough to get my camera! 

Our room had a huge garden tub, which usually meant the girls got to take a bath together with plenty of room to “swim.” In fact, they loved it so much that my presence in the tub was often requested. Fortunately for you, I’ve cropped myself out of this picture. Unfortunately for my older brother, he made the mistake of walking into the bathroom one evening while I was in the tub with my girls. I’m pretty sure his eyes are still burning. No one needs to see that.
All in all, it was a fantastic week. 
In fact, in the days since we’ve been home, Paige has announced each day that her favorite part of said day was “building sand castles on the beach.” 
She has also packed her suitcase multiple times to go on vacation. Which, for those of you looking to join her, is apparently located at 245 456. Sorry, that’s all the info I could get from her, but I do know I’m not invited, so she’s taking a taxi (I told her she couldn’t walk since I wouldn’t be there to hold her hand).  Maybe you can split the fare with her.

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