Much Better

Alright, alright, alright everyone. Listen. It was a horrible car ride down that first day, and my kids got the best of me. They won. We’ve all forgiven one another and moved on.

First to a “castle” – also known as the Biltmore Estate. We had a slight change in plans, and D and I ended up taking both girls on the tour. Get this – they were great. I know, right? I’m not sure what happened, but I’m pretty sure we shall not speak of this again. We don’t want to curse our good luck.

Then we had the 5 hour drive from Asheville to Hilton Head, and it went pretty well (although, let’s be honest. The car-ride bar has been set pretty low).

We hit some traffic, so the girls got to have their windows down. It’s sort of ridiculous sometimes the things that will entertain kids.

Then we got to the house. Oh, this wonderful house. The set up is perfect, the bedrooms are plentiful and the bathrooms are huge. Each bedroom has a TV (see how the Feldmanns judge things as perfect? It ALL comes back to the availability of televisions). Paige is sharing a room with her oldest cousin, Gracie, and she is so excited about it that she LITERALLY has been jumping around like a maniac. In fact, they’ve been in there working on projects and ‘crap’ the majority of the time they are inside.

Blair seems to have realized her cousin Nate is friend, not foe. She stopped hitting him (for the most part) and has started giving him smooches and playing with him.

Okay, maybe she could be a TAD more gentle, but we’re moving in the right direction here…

And, get this. There’s a pool here. You know what that means? EX-HAUST-ED kids. Sure, a little bit of crabbiness and a few fights over pool toys. But 100% worth it. We’ve already played ‘Marco-Polo’ (and, yes, to answer your question – I do regret teaching them the game already). During naps yesterday the grown-ups sat outside in the pool with the big kids and listened to Pandora. I could get used to this. I’m just saying.
How fun is getting to live in a house for a week with family? This fun (see above). 
LOTS of shenanigans.

I guess it all boils down to one thing. Even though my kids are loud and ill-behaved (my sister-in-law, EJ, disagrees. I’m pretty sure she’s either crazy or is confused about which ones are my kids). I’ll take all the bad days for the good days that fall in-between.
It says “I ❤ Paige & Blair” See? I actually DO love my kids, for those of you who doubted

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