Tiny Walker

Houston … we have another walker. (Forgive the blurriness of this video. I later discovered that my lens had what I hope was peanut butter on it. And Derrick wonders why we have cell phone insurance…).

I can’t decide which I like best: how pleased with herself Blair looks, or how excited for her Paige is.

(And, I also realize some of you are having issues seeing this video. I’m working on it. But try and remember that I’m ‘merely a stay-at-home-mom,’ which basically means I’m short on time, my computer is stupid, and if I can’t get the video to load you’ll have to imagine how freaking cute Blair looks while she steps her way across the room…).

So, I decided that since Blair is almost a full-time walker, she should probably have some shoes that have belonged only to her (poor, poor second baby – most of the time she barely even gets shoes on at all. If her ‘Mommy of the Year’ remembers them.). Since Paige is at day camp again this week (obviously, more on that later) Baby Blair and I headed to the mall for some shoe shopping!

We picked out a few (well, I picked out some shoes while Blair managed to empty about 20 shoe boxes in record time. I’m not even sure where she found them.). And though she resisted mightily through the trying-on process, she was CLEARLY pleased with herself once she got to try them out:

We went with the right-foot tennies, by the way – not both. What do you think we are? Rich? This is Stride Rite, for cry-eye-eye!

Post-nap we decided to play outside for the first time in what seemed like forever due to the heatwave that has recently struck the Midwest. I put Blair’s shoes on her and watched her walk around. Holy smokes…she looks way, WAY too tiny to have shoes on, much less be walking!!
Then it dawned on me. When Paige FINALLY started walking (the day before her First Steps evaluation, mind you) she was 19 months old. Oh yes. That is not a typo. More than 1 year and one half year old. (Never mind that she was speaking in sentences at this point. In fact, I’m pretty sure she was about halfway through her thesis…) A full HALF A YEAR older than Blair. No wonder she seems so tiny! It’s practically like having a little fetus walking around our house. Okay. That’s just gross. But you get the idea.
So, world beware. There are now TWO Feldmann girls on the loose. Imma start panicking now….

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