Oh, sisters. It’s a dynamic I don’t even know, but I am LOVING watching it.

See, I grew up with three brothers. One of each, I like to say. One 4 1/2 years older (almost 40, old man!!! And, yes, I know that’s means I’m old. Zip it.), a twin, and one 8 years younger. So, believe it or not, I know my fair share of drama. Let’s not kid ourselves…boys can be JUST as dramatic and sensitive as girls. I have been known to refer to each of my brothers as a sister every now and then.

But, I foolishly just assumed that sisters must be different. Sisters must all just get along all the time and be the bestest friends, right?

Um. Not so much. In fact, not even at all. I have watched my nieces fight in bouts that would make professional wrestlers jealous. And far be it from my 3 year-old and 1 year-old to be any different. I can’t tell you how many times the oddest sounding phrases come out of my mouth. Phrases like “Paige! Seriously! Do. Not. Sit. On. Your. Sister!!!” Or, “Blair!! Biting is never okay! We DO NOT bite bottoms!” WTF? Yep. Those are my girls.

But then, every now and then, the clouds clear. I see a glimpse of the difference between brothers and sisters (no offense, Rob, Jay and Jo-bear. I loves you alls. But try as you might, sisters you are not.). Paige calls Blair “sweetheart” and her cheers are the loudest when Blair takes a few steps or learns a new word. Blair seeks Paige out when she wants to play, and pats Paige’s head when she cries or gets upset (which, unfortunately, is often).

And then, we get moments like these. Totally unsolicited by us. Paige got a sucker after breakfast, and Blair obviously didn’t (c’mon people. I am a worrywart. Suckers are choking hazards. Paige is lucky she even gets one.). Paige leaned in and said “Here you go, Bear.” And shared. And, it wasn’t at all because it was 105 degrees outside…my heart melted.

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