Thelma & Louise

Oh, what a week, what a week! I have so many updates and stories to post from our fun girls’ lake week-turned toddler pissing contest weekend (not literally)-turned crazy storm/hiding in the basement week-turned welcome home three days early week…

Well, you get the point. Basically, I’m promising lots of entertaining posts over the next few days. For now, I was sorting through some pictures to get organized, and ran across these:

Paige test-driving her new Barbie Mustang on Memorial Day weekend. So new, you’ll notice, that I haven’t even had a chance to put the stickers on yet.

Blair was one of the first passengers, and these pictures conjure up so many feelings for me. I love seeing the two of them together like this – older sister teaching younger sister the ropes. It also makes me sad to see how big they both already seem. Seriously?!?! Wasn’t I JUST in labor with Paige??? How did this happen?

Mostly, it instills a gnawing feeling of fear. Notice Blair holding on for dear life in the top photo? Yes, that how it appears … but she was laughing the entire time. Even through the whiplash-inducing stops and starts typical of a new driver (and I guess even more typical of a toddler driver? Everything about this sentence seems wrong all of a sudden…).

Watching them drive off into the sunset together makes me feel a sense of…how you say?? Um, panic. Lord help us all – the Feldmann girls are getting older, and more independent, each day.

But, at least they were wearing their seat belts. Even if they were only two nylon straps velcro-ed together. So they will be safe as they raise hell together. There’s always that, right? RIGHT?!?!?

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