Derrick and I often note that as far as narcissism goes, it seems like our 3 year-old pretty much has the market cornered.

What makes us say that, you ask? Hmmm…if only a few examples sprang to mind.

Oh wait, here’s one. We had to switch Paige’s ‘usual seat’ at the kitchen table. Why? Because we have a mirror leaning against the wall that she could see from the seat. And I got really tired of saying “Paige. PLEASE stop looking at yourself and eat!” Or, I often have to give her arm a little tug as we are walking past windows…or shiny cars…or pretty much any semi-reflective surface in which she might catch a glimpse of herself. Anything like that runs the risk of us being forced getting the opportunity to watch a full-length version of the ‘Look At Me, Watch This, I Paige’ show. It’s cute … the first 300 times.

Oh, oh! Here’s another one! Yesterday (literally yesterday – not to be confused with last night ago), Paige kept stopping what she was doing to run over and tell me she needed “Kiss and a hug, mommy! Hurry!” Seriously cute. So cute, in fact, that I asked her if I could be the President of the Paige Fan Club. She looked at me while she pondered my request, then decided “Well, that is a VERY important job, Mommy. I don’t think so.” After being denied the post for not being up to the job, apparently, I asked, “Well, then who gets to be the President?” She replied “I do, Mommy.” Duh. Of COURSE she is the President of her own fan club. I suspect she might encompass the entire governing board, but I can’t be sure.

Oh, and perhaps this will fully illustrate the extent of Paige’s self-imposed importance. As I write this very post,  she is coloring at the table, referring to me as “Cinderella.” I respond with “Yes?” She quickly corrects me “You mean, ‘Yes, Princess Jasmine.'”

We have been playing this pretend game all morning while I cleaned, made beds, etc. (the irony that she is calling me Cinderella is not lost on me). I am Cinderella, Paige is Princess Jasmine, somehow Daddy and Ramsey are co-kings.

Blair’s character, as decreed by Princess Jasmine?

The Evil Stepmother.

It’s gonna be a LOOOOONG Memorial Day. No doubt all about Paige. I mean, Princess Jasmine.

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