Happy Birthday, Blair

How is this possible? How did this happen? Wasn’t I just holding a tiny newborn baby just a month or so ago?

Blair Elizabeth turned 1 yesterday. Which, incidentally, also happened to be Mother’s Day. And celebrating Blair was a WONDERFUL, perfect way to spend the day.

Oh, “Baby Bear” – I can’t even begin to tell you how much you mean to us. Your smile melts my heart. Your mischievous ways make my spirits soar (even though I pretend to upset, it secretly makes me proud of you when you stand up to your sister already!). Your sweet hugs and kisses breathe life into my day. I don’t know what we all did before you came. You make our days happier and our lives complete.

Happy, Happy birthday.

Some visual highlights of the day:

Cake and icing made by Mommy, with “help” (aka, taste-testing) from Paige

Birthday love from Nani and Susu!

One of the only times they actually sat still long enough for me to get a picture!
(this is a very common scene – Paigers hamming it up, and Blair soaking in whatever 
it is her big sister is doing)

Our happy little birthday girl!

Singing “Happy Birthday” (she wasn’t sure what to do – and then Ramsey stole half her cake off her tray)

Presents!! She had LOTS of help opening!

Aaaaannnnd, this was her favorite thing. The $1.00 bow I used on one of her presents

After everyone left I put the balloons on the floor to let the girls play off some of that sugar. Blair points to them and says “ba” (ball, maybe?)

Ha! Wrapped up in her balloons and laughing while taking off into the kitchen!

Post-party Peppa Pig (a new favorite – have I mentioned they might watch TV sometimes?)

One last smile before bed

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