Bear’s Traveling Hat

Most morning the girls and I hang out upstairs after breakfast. We might climb back into my bed and watch a show (my favorite!). Or sometimes the girls will play together while I put away laundry, make beds, etc.

Inevitably, the girls end up in the bathroom. Blair eats a bit of toilet paper, Paige grabs toys out of Blair’s hands, and the decibel level generally lingers around just-this-side-of-unbearable.

However, most mornings, Paige decides that it’s time to “go on a trip.” Now, Paige is a master at playing pretend. Oftentimes, her trips end with her asking me for “a spot of tea.” Or, perhaps she will ask me for some money because she needs to go to work and has to stop to “put gas in my car.” Or, she will head into outer space. Every morning brings a new adventure.

Regardless of where her trips will be taking her, Paige always makes sure that Blair has the one accessory she can’t do without. She calls it “Bear’s Traveling Hat.” She puts it on Blair’s head with a little tap to make sure it’s secure. She announces, “There you go, Bear. This will keep you safe.” And then she gives Blair’s little bottom a pat and invites her on the journey.

Not the clearest picture, but those of you who know Blair know that she is a moving target. 
And, to let you in on a little secret, Blair’s Traveling Hat is actually the bowl sent home with new mothers from the hospital. Yep – the one you use to give your newborn sponge baths. Which yet again makes me wonder why we even bother buying these children actual toys…

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