No Nap

I have officially decided it’s probably time to phase out Paige’s nap (like how I use ‘officially’ and ‘probably’ in the same sentence? Can moms ever just feel confident about a parenting decision we make??).

The decision was based on the fact that she was consistently getting up around 5:45 am every morning, and then sitting in bed until as late as 9:45 pm each night asking for snuggles, songs, water, good weather in the morning, trips to the park … well, you get the idea. 
All in all, I can take the nighttime dramatics. But those of you who know me well know that I am most definitely NOT a morning person. Not even close. Not even a teeny tiny little bit. And yet, by some cruel twist of fate I seem to have found the one person who is at the complete opposite end of the morning person spectrum. I’m not kidding – I’m pretty sure Derrick wakes up and literally bounces out of bed. Possibly with little cartoon birds singing and flying around his head. I wouldn’t actually know, because my eyes are squeezed shut and I’m pretending to be asleep hoping he will leave our room and return in a few hours with a cup of coffee.
So, of course God has a sense of humor, and both of our girls seem to have inherited their dad’s fondness for mornings. Here is a little example of how our mornings begin around here (ironically, AFTER Derrick has left for the office and the girls are nice and wound up):
This video was taken at 8:15 am. Shortly after Blair went down for her morning nap (which is what happens when you wake up at 6:00 am). Paige is dressed. You cannot see me, but I am still in my glasses and pjs. 
But, I digress. 
So, we tried no nap. It was a rainy day so Paige and I snuggled up on the couch and started watching ‘Aladdin’ (for the second time that day). I lobbied for a different choice, but she announced that she “did not want to watch ‘Lady and the Trampoline,’ Mommy.” This photo was taken about 15 minutes in:
Faaaast asleep on my lap. Not too shabby, but definitely NOT part of the plan. So, I let her sleep for about 15 minutes and woke her up. We finished the movie and she went to her room for “quiet time”. Here were some of the revelations Paige had during quiet time:
“Mommy, playing makes my legs very tired.”
“Mommy, resting makes me very hungry.”
“Mommy, this snack makes me very thirsty.”
“Mommy, this water makes me need to potty.”
“Mommy, I think quiet time is over, okay?”
Hmmmm – I have some work to do. To be continued …

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