Patience Will Hurt You

My mom likes to tell a story about my older brother, who around age 4 told her “Mommy, patience will hurt you.” Now, he was trying to fill her in on the old advice that “patience is a virtue,” but unwittingly provided some great insight on himself, my other siblings and I, our father … and a grave foreshadowing of my children.

You see, my girls are half Whitacre. And Whitacres aren’t the most – hmmmm, how do you say?? Patient people? In fact, I’d go out on a limb to say our patience is probably shorter than the attention span of most toddlers. For Paige –  well, let’s just say we all know the situations this ‘pleasant’ combination has created. In Blair, impatience has reared it’s ugly head far, far too early.

What’s that? You’d like an anecdotal example?

Well, I recently rearranged my kitchen. It was partially out of necessity because even though a certain cabinet has had the childproofed lock replaced three times in a week, Houdini Blair has somehow figured out how to open it. So, now that particular cupboard is full of plastic bowls and Tupperware.

For the past few nights, Blair has busied herself in emptying said cabinet with remarkable quickness and agility:

Then, as of last night, simply emptying the drawer wasn’t enough. She realized that pesky drawer needed to come out, too. But, apparently that was much easier said than done:

Needless to say, Miss Blair was NOT happy (I mean, look at that face she’s giving me!). She figured there must be another way to take care of that silly drawer. Perhaps back in the WAAAAY back:

And then she got stuck. And it went even further downhill from there:

(And, yes, please add this to my Mom of the Year application. I may or may not have been giggling also while I took the pictures of my hysterical daughter stuck in our cabinet.)

Here is how the incident ended (you’ll notice Paige giving me a ‘play-by-play’ in the background. Yes, Paige. I realize ‘Bear’ is frustrated. Thanks for the update):

Such patient little girls. Oh, Paige and Blair. When will you learn? Patience is a virtue. Seriously – HURRY UP and learn it!!! Jeesh!

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