Last Night Ago

In Paige’s world, everything that is not happening in the future or has not happened since the previous sleeping session (i.e. bedtime or nap) happened “last night ago.” So, it makes it super-easy to discern the timeline for things in Paige’s life. For example:

P: Mommy, remember when we played at that one park with the big green thing? Can we go back there?
M: Hmmmm, Paige … can you give me some more information? I’m not sure I know what you’re talking about.
P: You know, we were there last night ago?
M: Hmmm…maybe a little more?
P: Mommy! (Clearly exasperated at this point) LAST. NIGHT. AGO. For Jay-boy and Jenny’s wedding!!
M: Oh! You mean Rainbow Park in Crested Butte? (Which was in June. 2011. She and I had this conversation earlier this week).
P: Yes!! Let’s go there.

Or, perhaps when she told me (this morning) she watched a movie in her bestie’s Audrey’s classroom at school. I stupidly asked when. Oh, last night ago. I ran this by Audrey’s mommy at pick-up today. Yep – they did indeed watch a movie in Audrey’s class. Right around Christmas.

Or, perhaps this doozy:

P: Mommy, remember that silly shirt you had on last night ago?
M: Which one, Paige? I don’t remember having a silly shirt on.
P: You know, that silly shirt you wore when you drove me to school. You know. Last night ago!
M: Gosh, Paige – I guess I’m not sure which one you mean.
P: You know, Mommy!! (This always seems to be around the time she loses patience with me, which I find extremely ironic.) That silly shirt you wore that had pants on it!!

Aha. That would be this one:

Apparently, Paige has not gotten the memo that denim jackets are hot this season (going on the picture above, double-chins – not so much). To her, this is a silly shirt with pants on it. That I wore recently. Last night ago, to be precise.

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