Directionally Challenged

I can’t decide which is more frustrating – trying to describe where something is to a toddler, or the fact that I keep falling into that same trap again and again.

The conversation typically goes a lot like this:
Me: Paige, can you hand Mommy the wipes?
Paige: Where are they?
M: Over by the ottoman.
P: Where?
M: Right there – walk that way. Okay stop.
P: Where?
M: Right next to the HUGE leather ottoman you’re standing next to. Look down. No, the other way. Next to your foot.
P: Where? 
P: These, Mommy?
M: No – (loud sigh) – those are your socks. Never mind. I’ll get them (as a poopy Blair crawls away).
Now, not every situation ends this way. Sometimes Paigers and I are right on track with each other. Practically sharing the same brain. She gets what I’m saying immediately, and we quickly move on.
This past Saturday, not so much. I was trying to kill some time before naps and had the girls in their Radio Flyer wagon. Paige wanted to go say hi to Ms. Dawn next door, so we walked up their driveway to see if she was home. It turns out she wasn’t, but Paige got out of the wagon to give their dog a pat. 
Keep in mind that Ms. Dawn lives RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO US. You can see a large portion of our house from their yard. I pointed this out to Paige. That conversation went like this:
M: Paige, look. You can see our house from here.
P: Where?
M: Right there, honey. Right on the other side of that fence.
P: Where?
M: Paige. That yellow house. Right. There.
P: (SIGHING LOUDLY AND SHAKING HER HEAD). Mommy, I just can’t see it. I just can’t handle it, okay?
Okay, Paige.
At that moment, it was like we were sharing the same brain again.

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