Even Busier-Body

I remember when Paige was a baby and I was hastily trying to keep up with her “exploring” by babyproofing our house. I thought to myself “WOW. This girl is busy!” She was into everything … or so I thought at the time.

Then came Blair. Holy man (a phrase used by my almost-4-year-old niece that I now claim as my own – the phrase, not the girl).

Blair is perhaps one of the busiest babies I have ever seen. I thought maybe I was just a little overwhelmed and biased – then Derrick spent a few uninterrupted hours with her. He agrees. In fact, we are worried she will never walk because we find it’s easier to carry her around than it is to turn our back for a second or two (literally) and find her with an outlet cover in her mouth. That is not a joke. She is mocking us.

Outlet covers, dog toys, book jackets, shoes, phones, items we have never seen before and think were left in the house by previous owners … she’s not picky. If she can reach it, it’s going to go in her mouth.

“Games” I used to invent to keep Paige busy are quickly being turned into chances to seek and destroy by Blair.

Roll of toilet paper, Mom? That’s a joke – I can unroll and eat half of it, then take off down the hall before you can finish peeing and catch me.

Oversized ottoman moved in front of the cord you don’t want me to chew? Silly, silly woman, mommy – I will just crawl over it or push it out of my way with my superhuman strength.

Tin of snacks you want me to use as a drum so you can look at Pinterest work on something important? Well, let’s just let this video speak for itself, mama.

Game, set – Blair. Winning the match is just a few first steps away.

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