It’s a Girl!

We have exciting news in the Feldmann household! There will be a new baby joining the family, and it’s going to be a girl!

We’re not sure of the exact due date – we actually thought it was going to be at 6:30 last night, but it was a false alarm. Her name is going to be Puddin’, and the part Derrick and I are most excited about is that Paige is going to have the baby sleep in her bedroom. Which makes sense, since she’s the one with the baby in her belly:

She is going to feed the baby (milk from her breasts – her words, not mine). She lets me talk to Puddin’ through her belly button (apparently it tickles Puddin’s ears when I talk to her). She keeps telling her daddy and I that the baby is coming soon, and at dinner last night (at 6:15) she told us that the baby was coming at “six thirty o’clock.” Alas, Puddin’ did not show. Now when we ask for specifics she’s a little vague. So, I guess we’ll just keep waiting! (And, no, we have NO idea what prompted this. The grown-ups in this house are not expecting any babies).

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