Craft or Crap?

Paige, much like most other toddlers I know, often has trouble pronouncing certain words. This problem seems exacerbated by the fact that she no longer has one of her front teeth (the dainty little girl knocked it out after taking a header into a chair … while running through the house … and she continues to run … constantly. But, I digress).

So, as many of you know, this problem became publicly known last month. Paige and I were headed to Target to buy her some bribes activities for the plane ride. I told her on the way that we were going to pick out some crafts for her to do. As soon as we walked through the door, I realized we were in trouble. It was a packed Saturday afternoon, and Paige immediately started asking me when we were going to get her “crap for the plane.”

“Mommy, is this my crap for the plane?”
“Mommy, what aisle can we find my crap for the plane?”
“Mommy, can I get THIS crap for the plane?”

Now, if you know Paige, you know that her inside voice is the same as her outside voice. The other moms were snickering and smiling, the other kids were laughing outright, and the old ladies were giving me dirty looks. So, to try to remedy the problem, I gently explained to Paige that the word is “craFT.” The conversation went a lot like this:

M: “Repeat after me, baby: craFFFFFFt”
P: “craPPPPPP”
M: “No, craFFFFFt. Hear the FFFFF sound?”
P: “Right, Mommy. CraPPPPP. My crap for the plane.”
M: “No, honey. CraFFFFFFFt.”
P: “Mommy, that is what I said. Now, stop it. Where is my crap for the airplane ride?”

So, I threw in the towel.

And I thought the issue was over (and so was the judging by others who obviously think I teach my daughter that anything she makes is crap).

Then I picked her up from school today. She ran towards me at the door of her classroom and excitedly yelled “Mommy, wait until you see the crap I made you! Two craps today!!” Then we walked into the hallway so she could show her friends and their mommy. “Kelly! Audrey! Lu! Look at the crap I made my mommy today!” Kelly (the mommy) smiled knowingly and replied “Yes, Paige, I love your crap.” I’m sure the other moms were not so open-minded.

But then again, what do I care? Paige, please know that I love each and every crap you do … even if it’s crafty.

2 thoughts on “Craft or Crap?

  1. Ok, I can't take it anymore!!! Im Abbie- a colleague of Derrick's, and the little sister of a high school friend of Abi Miller & Jennie Baumgardner, and I LOVE your blog. I love it. I've read almost every post after discovering it today after Facebook told me via the stalker feed at the top right that you commented on something of someone's. I recognized the name, clicked, found the blog, and the rest is history. I have enjoyed and laughed at most of the posts, but this one caused streams of tears and the super ugly quadruple chin silent laugh face. Hilarious. Just hilarious.

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