A Fit of Epic Proportions

Let me start by saying that Derrick and I realize our children do not truly hate us. However, there are many days where if we were forced to judge their feelings by actions alone, we’re fairly certain they are interviewing new families on the sly.

Take, for example, today. It started off as any other day – no, wait. That’s not right. It started off at 6:30 am with Paige SCREAMING for me from her bed, and quickly progressed to Blair hollering from her crib. Which segued into a crying match in my bed after Blair (accidentally…I hope) hit Paige in the face.

Things settled a bit while Blair napped and I exercised some stellar parenting skills by plopping Paige down on the couch with Derrick’s iPad (it’s at home today because she literally bullied him into leaving it here). Then, it was time to leave for swimming lessons.

Now, the high today is 84 degrees. I thought Paige might want to wear some flip-flops with her dress. We haven’t had GREAT luck with them in the past, but hey – that was a year ago, right? Needless to say, Paige ended up on the front porch SCREAMING that she “could not walk in these shoes!” I ended up yelling at Paige to NOT yell at me (effective, no?). Then I tossed her into the van without shoes at all, and Miss Paige ended up traveling barefoot for the rest of the day. The poor flip-flops ended up looking like a casualty of war (and have already been promised to a flip-flop-loving friend).

Post-lunch was no better – in fact, it all went downhill from 6:30 am. The screaming was epic. The whining was monumental. The silence after they both fell asleep was … fleeting. Paige woke soon after falling asleep, and assumed the facial expression of the day:

Now, it is only 4:15 pm. Derrick has a dinner meeting. I am counting down the minutes until it is culturally acceptable to pour myself a bottle glass of wine (um, right after I finish this post). And I’m already planning on an early bedtime tonight.

At least we know tomorrow has GOT to be better. Happy freaking first day of spring, Mommy.

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