Best friends indeed

The girls and I just spent 10 days in Florida together with their Nani and Bostie, and it was so fun to watch how quickly they are starting to enjoy being with each other.

Paige calls Blair “Bear” and when she talks to her she usually starts her sentences with “Oh, sweetheart…”. Blair is constantly looking for Paige, and when we walk to the door of her room to get her up from her naps, Blair starts smiling and kicking before I’ve even opened the door.

Having grown up with three brothers, the relationship between sisters is completely new to me. I never realized how much sisters can fight (as my three nieces have so gladly shown me), but I also never knew just how quickly the bond of friend, confidant and soulmate is formed.

I captured this picture just as I was backing out to drive the three of us to the airport (obviously, the car was still in park). It melts my heart to look at it, even though I’m pretty sure this was a handshake to confirm the plot to make our flight home horrible, with Blair taking one for the team and acting as some sort of pterodactyl-torturer for those in Business Class for the entire duration of the flight home. Either way, the bond is sealed…

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